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A lot of people around me started with an poly Epic V5 and it is a great introduction to surfskis.  Most eventually upgraded as they wanted something lighter and faster.  Faster doesn't seem to matter to you as you aren't racing.  Lighter may make a bigger difference.  Stability is great, it is an easy transition from a SOT, but more speed.

Never seen the composite V5, but a similar boat in a composite layup is the Stellar S14S.  Poly is great if you're banging on rocks, but otherwise I prefer the lighter weight.  It makes a difference whether you decide to take it out or not.  Much easier carrying a 30-35 pound boat vs a 50-55 pound boat.  So I'd go for the Performance layup myself.

-- Andrew

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 Epic V5 Owners Facebook Page
These V5 Paddlers seem to have no problem surfing their kayaks. 

Also, Boyan's surfski 600 project/campaign was an elite layup V5.  I believe the whole point of that project was to demonstrate that shorter and wider boats can be as fast/faster and as fun/more fun than "faster" skis.

Western Pennsylvania Epic Kayak Dealer

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1 week 5 days ago #37668 by Agent009
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Yes I am already following that Facebook page and they seem to catch waves/runners with ease and they all seem to love it.

Thanks all.

Looks like a V5 in Performance layup with surf rudder is coming my way.

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