Fenn Hybrid carbon and carbon lay up

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Replied by gnome on topic Fenn Hybrid carbon and carbon lay up
I just had a look inside a old fenn millenium carbon.
It weights 12 kg.
I'm a bit surprised.
It's just a basic E glass foam sandwich.
With carbon on the hull only and the carbon only starts from about a metre from each end.
Plus a couple extras to aid stiffening in small sections.
Is it epoxy?
Don't know as it looks more like the colour of polyester or vinyl ester resin. Maybe they didn't us epoxy back in the year 2000. But I would have thought so.
If anyone knows what resin fenn used in their carbon boats back then can you share. Cause I need to do some work on mine. If it isn't epoxy then I don't want to waste the money when the cheaper resin will do the job????
But if this is what they call a carbon boat then it' has stuff all carbon in it.

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