Fenn Mako XT Double for sale

8 years 13 hours ago #21118 by MattA1
Fenn Mako XT Double for sale. This circa-2007 boat is in excellent condition, having been very well looked after - always stored out of the weather and the sun (Kommetjie, Cape Town). This boat is super stable and a delight to paddle - I have done a number of Millers and Fish Hoek/Roman Rock Light runs in strong conditions and never once tipped! Once you get her on the run, she's hard to stop. A great family- and learner paddler boat. The only reason I am selling her is that I have acquired an outrigger double (trying new things, but keeping my XT single), and I don't have the storage space for all 3 boats. A give-away at R10,000.00 (I need the space urgently!) Please reply to this post with contact details, if interested.


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