Surfski Beginner’s Guide on DVD: Dawid’s Ocean ABC

Sunday, 18 January 2009 03:59 | Written by 
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We're constantly asked why there isn't a "How to start Surfski" DVD on the market.  Well now there is one - and it's been put together by one of the best surfski paddlers and coaches in the world: South African Dawid Mocke.


Surfski School

Dawid and Nikki Mocke started their Surfskischool ( in Fish Hoek, Cape Town in 2003 and they've trained over 3,000 beginner paddlers since then.

Every one of those paddlers went through the Mockes' "ABC" course. 

It's a brilliant course that gives the rookie paddler a thorough grounding in the sport - everything from the best way to carry the ski through to catching your first wave. 

Although it's aimed at the Rookie, even advanced paddlers can learn something from this DVD - like how to teach other wannabe paddlers to get started in our beautiful sport! 


What's on the DVD?

The DVD is divided into 5 lessons:

Lesson 1 - The ABC of Surfski Paddling

  • A - Awareness
  • B - Balance
  • C - Control

Some of the questions covered:

  • What ski should you start with?
  • How do you set the leg length?
  • Introduction to your wing paddle and how to hold it.
  • What's the difference between on and off-shore winds?
  • Being aware of the waves - don't let the surf catch you by surprise!
  • How do you balance in the ski?  Eyes, Body and Paddle!  "When it doubt: legs out!"
  • Controlling the ski: on land (how do you carry a 6m craft in wind?!); in surf (how do you avoid getting knocked down by the ski?) and in deep water!
  • What safety gear should you have offshore?

Lesson 2 - Making the boat go forward

The theory and practice of paddling:

  • Where to hold the paddle
  • The basic elements of the stroke
  • How to get onto the ski in deep water

Lesson 3 - Making it out through the waves

Making it out through the surf "without getting eaten" in the impact zone!

Lesson 4 - Catching a wave

"One of the ultimate benchmarks of your skill is to be able to catch a wave on a surfski!" 

Lesson 5 - Catching the runs

"The ultimate skill when catching runs, is to be able to connect the runs - to go from one run to the next."

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