The Science of Paddling Part 2 – Why Doubles Partners MUST be in Synch

Thursday, 16 July 2009 04:50 | Written by 
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Doubles in synch! Doubles in synch! Credits: Owen Middleton

If you've ever wondered whether you really need to be exactly in synch with your doubles partner - read on.  Turns out that the answer is an emphatic YES - but there's more...

Doubles Paddling

Doubles paddling seems to be becoming more and more popular - in the Dunlop World Cup race in Durban this weekend there were 63 doubles that finished with the 115 singles.  Doubles paddling is popular in Europe too.

So Dr. Shawn Burke PhD's latest article is well timed.

What's particularly interesting is that not only does it show that paddling in synch is absolutely vital, but that the stroke profile should be well matched too - which doesn't mean that the paddlers have to be the same strength, but that they should take the same kind of stroke... well, read it for yourself.

Click here for The Science of Paddling - Part 2 in pdf format

More coming up:

Our paddling scientist is working on a couple of other articles and we hope to see, in the not too distant future:

  • An analysis of paddle force profiles and blade size in light of energy conservation
  • A simple presentation on hull stability...

Thanks Shawn!

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