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Millers Run: Youngest Paddler?

Thursday, 01 February 2007 14:45 |

Image The "Millers Run", a downwind route between Millers Point and Fish Hoek in Cape Town can be pretty daunting when the southeaster is up and False Bay is full of breaking waves.

But Duncan Buchanan, a 14 year old visitor from Auckland, New Zealand, was keen to give it a go.

V10 Rip-off?

Wednesday, 08 November 2006 12:35 |
ImageIn the last two years the surf ski market has seen a revolution in terms of ski design.  Skis have become more stable and faster.  In fact, fast, stable skis, with a single footwell and adjustable rudder pedals have become the norm.


How has this come about?  At least part of the reason is that Epic were prepared to invest heavily in R&D to design and develop the V10 surfski.  The very name gives a clue to the amount of effort that went into it - the V10 was the 10th version of the design


Extreme Surfski - Oscar shows the way

Thursday, 19 October 2006 21:25 |

ImageOn the Surfski newsgroup there's been much discussion recently about how the northern hemisphere is approaching winter.  The denizens of the far north are discussing the finer points of dry suits, hypothermia and the benefits of slipstreaming icebreakers...

In an astonishing scoop, is proud to reveal how South African paddlers tackle cold weather...  See below. 

Surf Ski Attacked by Great White

Saturday, 29 July 2006 00:31 |

ImageFish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa - 16h40, Friday 28 July 2006

It was supposed to be a normal Friday winding-down paddle from Fish Hoek to Roman Rock lighthouse and back.

Five paddlers were bunched together about 30m from the catwalk near Sunny Cove when a Great White shark attacked the ski closest to shore. 


World Cup - Latest

Friday, 30 June 2006 14:03 |

This correspondent participated in a dice on the Umgeni River last night on a borrowed Red7 Surf 60 (thanks Gav!).


The Team Grand Prix event registration was taking place and I met up with some of the international paddlers - Mark Sandvold (US), Mark Buck (US), Dave Jensen (US), Dean Gardiner (Aus).  The NZ paddlers were there and I spotted some French team members as well.  All extremely friendly people (as are our Durban hosts) and much beer and braaied (barbequed) boerwors (SA speciality sausage) was consumed...


Some of the visitors (Mark Buck, Mark Sandvold, one of the NZ paddlers), went for an orientation paddle yesterday with Darryl Bartho...



Beware of Mouille Point...

Monday, 08 May 2006 16:24 |

Three single surfskis were out near Mouille Point, Cape Town yesterday, heading in the direction of Oceana Powerboat Club.  The third cut the corner across the reef and...  was eaten by the break.  His ski was broken in half and one of the other paddlers went into Oceana, borrowed a double and came back out to collect him.


According to Craig Lambinon, spokesman for the NSRI, an eyewitness on shore called the NSRI but by the time they arrived, the casualty had reached shore.  The NSRI launch collected the wreckage of the ski and delivered it to the owner.


Moral of the story: beware of the reef off Mouille Point lighthouse - the break can extend "surprisingly" far out to sea.  Other casualties of the reef include Dawid Mocke who was dumped during the opening race  last season. He didn't break his ski, but he did lose the race!


(And contrary to rumour, Andre van Rensburg wasn't anywhere near the scene...) 

Spam Emailer takes down

Thursday, 04 May 2006 09:30 |

A spam emailer caused not only our site, but the entire server along with some 500 other websites, to go offline for several hours yesterday.


One of the open-source components that make up the framework of the site, the Coppermine photo gallery, was attacked and converted into an email broadcast engine allowing the hackers to start spewing tens of thousands of spam emails. 


Our ISP had no choice but to shut the server down in order to stop the emails and repair the damage.   They then moved to a more secure server.


Our apologies for that - and if you ever find a spam emailer, let them know how the world feels about them. 

Durban Race 1 Photos

Sunday, 30 April 2006 09:58 |
ImageIn 2005, the first Discovery Men's Health Winter series race in Durban saw a world record entry of some 507 paddlers.  Would (could) the record be broken again?  Signs were good at the series launch party...  over six hundred paddlers had registered.


In the event, it wasn't to be...  

Surfski on TV - schedule

Tuesday, 14 February 2006 18:52 |

There's a feast of TV coverage over the next few weeks... 

Surfski World Cup -  Tahiti
27-FEB-2006 19:00 CSN/SS1
28-FEB-2006 00:00 CSN/SS1
28-FEB-2006 06:30 SS1
01-MAR-2006 01:30 SS1
01-MAR-2006 14:30 CSN/SS2
02-MAR-2006 12:30 SS2
03-MAR-2006 16:30 CSN/SS1
04-MAR-2006 12:00 SS2
06-MAR-2006 00:00 SS2

Nathan Baggaley Comments on 15 Month Ban

Saturday, 07 January 2006 12:03 |

Baggaley relieved despite ban

photo of Nathan Baggaley

Olympic silver medallist, Nathan Baggaley.

( Australian kayaking champion and Byron Bay resident, Nathan Baggaley, says he has maintained his credibility despite receiving a 15 month ban for steroid use.

Last night the Court of Arbitration for Sport took into account Baggaley's explanation that he had mistakenly taken the steroids when he drank orange juice from a shared fridge.

Baggaley, who is an Olympic silver medallist, tested positive to the drugs in September.

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