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Spam Emailer takes down

Thursday, 04 May 2006 09:30 |

A spam emailer caused not only our site, but the entire server along with some 500 other websites, to go offline for several hours yesterday.


One of the open-source components that make up the framework of the site, the Coppermine photo gallery, was attacked and converted into an email broadcast engine allowing the hackers to start spewing tens of thousands of spam emails. 


Our ISP had no choice but to shut the server down in order to stop the emails and repair the damage.   They then moved to a more secure server.


Our apologies for that - and if you ever find a spam emailer, let them know how the world feels about them. 

Durban Race 1 Photos

Sunday, 30 April 2006 09:58 |
ImageIn 2005, the first Discovery Men's Health Winter series race in Durban saw a world record entry of some 507 paddlers.  Would (could) the record be broken again?  Signs were good at the series launch party...  over six hundred paddlers had registered.


In the event, it wasn't to be...  

Surfski on TV - schedule

Tuesday, 14 February 2006 18:52 |

There's a feast of TV coverage over the next few weeks... 

Surfski World Cup -  Tahiti
27-FEB-2006 19:00 CSN/SS1
28-FEB-2006 00:00 CSN/SS1
28-FEB-2006 06:30 SS1
01-MAR-2006 01:30 SS1
01-MAR-2006 14:30 CSN/SS2
02-MAR-2006 12:30 SS2
03-MAR-2006 16:30 CSN/SS1
04-MAR-2006 12:00 SS2
06-MAR-2006 00:00 SS2

Nathan Baggaley Comments on 15 Month Ban

Saturday, 07 January 2006 12:03 |

Baggaley relieved despite ban

photo of Nathan Baggaley

Olympic silver medallist, Nathan Baggaley.

( Australian kayaking champion and Byron Bay resident, Nathan Baggaley, says he has maintained his credibility despite receiving a 15 month ban for steroid use.

Last night the Court of Arbitration for Sport took into account Baggaley's explanation that he had mistakenly taken the steroids when he drank orange juice from a shared fridge.

Baggaley, who is an Olympic silver medallist, tested positive to the drugs in September.

CPC 2005 Big Race Nerves...

Thursday, 15 December 2005 12:26 |

Cape Town, South Africa, Dec 2005

The Cape Point Challenge is looming...  Saturday at 05h00 local time the first batches will set off on the 56km journey from Soetwater to Fish Hoek.

The forecast is firming; looks like a moderate (i.e. 15-20kt) southerly wind.  There was a storm some time ago in the Southern Ocean which has sent a pulse of big swell (4m at 05h00, 5m by 08h00) our way.

Discovery Men's Health Series ends on a high...

Tuesday, 13 December 2005 17:27 |

(by Rob Mousley) 

The Discovery Men's Health Single Ski Series in Cape Town ended on Sunday with the William Simpson Peter Creese Lighthouse race...  (What a mouthful!)  What an awesome race.

For many in the field, it was the also the last hard paddle before the Cape Point Challenge, the 56km race being run on Saturday 17th December.

Newsflash - new skis

Friday, 10 March 2006 17:05 |

Exciting times are with us...


I've been talking to a number of manufacturers (Epic, Fenn, Red 7, Knysna Kayaks) and it seems that there's a wave of new model skis just around the corner.


Look out for articles on each of these manufacturers in the coming weeks, here's a snippet on each of them...


Warning: Great White Sharks off Plett

Friday, 14 April 2006 10:27 |

For those planning a long weekend in Plettenberg Bay (South Africa), take note of the following warning, published on News24:


ImageGreat Whites patrolling Plett

13/04/2006 19:46 - (SA)


Cape Town -Great White sharks appear to be flocking to Plettenberg Bay along with the Easter holidaymakers, according to the National Sea Rescue Institute.


Station commander Ray Farnham said on Thursday the bay was experiencing "a visible presence of Great White sharks in what we believe may be greater-than-normal numbers".


NZ King of the Harbour - Race Results and Report

Monday, 10 April 2006 22:39 |



The New Zealand King of the Harbour results have been published on


*** Full race report and pics at: Sportzhub. ***

*** Great article on the race and more pics at: Epic Kayaks ***

Missing paddlers identified...

Monday, 27 March 2006 10:51 |

NSRI, Simonstown - Picture: Hazel McQueen

Craig Lambinon, NSRI spokesman, said that three paddlers who were in the area at the time of the initial report called the NSRI on Tuesday as soon as they heard about this story.  


The three paddlers were all on single skis.  Conditions at the time were rough, but they were not in trouble at any time.  


The original story follows:


The NSRI were activated yesterday (Sunday 26th March) when observers on shore near Oudekraal here in Cape Town reported a double ski or kayak in trouble. 



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