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ImageMany of us start paddling without much idea of correct stroke technique.  If we're lucky, more experienced paddling buddies throw us a few pointers, but for most it's a case of try it and see. has several surf ski schools listed in our links, but they're few and far between!   So how do you get expert advice on your stroke if you live far away from the experts?


Video Stroke Correction

It's not a new idea - but the advent of YouTube makes it easy to send display and share clips...  so here's what you do:

  • Get a friend to take a short video clip of you paddling.  The clip shouldn't be longer than two minutes and it should have segments showing front, side and back views of you paddling.
  • Upload it to YouTube - or send a wmv file to us (no bigger than 10MBytes please) and we'll upload it for you.
  • We'll display the clip and we'll get comments from anyone who has anything to offer.
  • And then we'll get comments from the best paddlers in the world to help you improve your technique.


What we're going to do

We're offering this service free of charge to the first eight paddlers to send us their video clips.  After that we'll be charging for the experts' comments - after all they're professionals and they need to eat and we also intend to make into a paying proposition.  

Sample Clips 

Here are two sample clips:

Paddler 1 


Paddler 2



We're looking for comments - from YOU... 

Both of these paddlers know that there are faults with their strokes, and they're both keen to improve.  

What do YOU think they can do to improve their stroke?  The idea is that this should be a community effort - everyone has some knowledge, let's hear what you think.

The experts

Who are these experts that we're going to get to give their opinions?  Well so far, Dawid Mocke (number two in the world last season's World Rankings) and Zsolt Szadovszki (number one in the US & eight in the world) have volunteered their services.  You can't get much more expert opinion that that...  We hope to get comments from a few more of the top paddlers as well.


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