2010 Surfski.info Reader Survey

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2010 Surfski.info Reader Survey

In the 2008 Surfski.info survey, we discovered some fascinating facts about our readers.  50% of you were over 40; 95% were male; 75% either raced or “lived for racing”.  36% of you paddled Fenn skis; the next biggest percentage was Epic with 18.6%.

The 2010 Survey – bigger (and more interesting)

This year we’re asking more questions (but the whole survey still only takes a couple of minutes to complete).

We’re hoping to find out about your paddle and the length that you use.  We’re asking about your use of PFDs and what other sports you do.

And of course we’re asking the same questions that we did in 2008 – how will the answers have changed since then?  I think it’s fascinating!

But why?

Why are we doing the survey at all?

Partly so that we can tweak the site to make it more useful and entertaining to you, our audience.

We’re also doing it so that we can build up a psychographic image of our readers so that we can go to advertisers and tell them what kind of person they'll be targeting if they decide to place ads with us.  And of course we need advertising in order to fund the servers that host the site. 

We're never going to make a living off the site (or at least I don't think so!) so it's mostly a labor of love. But if I can get enough advertisers that I can fund some equipment (like cameras to make more Millers Run downwind videos!) and perhaps some trips to some races, that wouldn't be a bad thing.  

Paid Content?

One thorny topic is the possibility of offering premium paid content.  Will you pay to watch live commentary?  Will you pay a subscription to read premium content?  We keep being told that we should be charging for the site.  I’m not convinced!  But unless we ask, we won’t know!


An important point is that the survey is anonymous.  We’re after overall statistics, not individuals’ information.

Target - 500 responses

Our target this year is to get 500 responses to the survey; in 2008 we had just over 400.  

So, please help us out and fill the survey in – it only takes a minute or two and it’ll help a) to keep the site going and b) to make it better in the future.

[Editor: The survey is now closed, we'll be reporting back shortly on the results...]


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