Portimão Surfski Race of Champions

Sunday, 19 September 2010 10:39 | Written by  Margarida Godinho
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Race of Champions Race of Champions

Race of Champions took place on 4 September and the South Africans dominated the 25km from the start.

The Start

The start was delayed until 3 pm to catch the 14 kts winds predict by Windguru and it was a  “Le Mans” type, with the athletes lining up on the Marina de Portimão Beach inside the river, 10 meters behind the surfskis and it was fair and clean, with the help of the volunteers who kept the paddlers behind a line.

Race of Champions

Race of Champions

The Hotspots

Just 670 meters (0,42 miles) from the start there a first hotspot taken by Sean Rice in a final sprint against Jasper Mocke and the David Fernandes (Portugal). Already on the open ocean, the athletes turned left to Caneiros Beach rock and rounded it back to the river entrance where the 2nd hotspot was placed. Jasper was the 1st to pass in front of the river (2700 meters – 1,68 miles from the start) but unfortunately he passed behind the buoy and the hotspot was awarded to Sean Rice (again!!).

Michele Eray took both hotspots against Olympian Beatriz Gomes.


The athletes paddled upwind to the 2nd rounding point, 5km ahead ( 3 miles), and then turned 45º to Ponta da Piedade Cape for more 6 km (3,7 miles) still upwind where it was the turning point. It was a hard upwind with Sean Rice and Jasper Mocke in the lead followed by Barry Lewin, 200 mts, further back was Olympian champions Eirik Larsen and australian Luke Morrison.

Meanwhile in the women's race Michele Eray (SA) had already built a comfortable lead against Beatriz Gomes.

After turning point 3, the athletes had downwind with 1.5 m to run to Marina de Portimão Beach and finish line. Jasper Mocke took an inshore line followed by Barry Lewin while Sean Rice took a slightly further line out to sea.

The finish

Jasper Mocke was the 1st to finish the competition with 1:55:54.69, Barry Lewin came 2nd with 1:57:45.38 and 3rd was Sean Rice with 1:58:41.92, all the athletes are from South Africa.

Race of Champions - Portugal

For the women the 1st place was for Michele Eray, from South Africa, with 2:08:41.30, the 2nd place was for Beatriz Gomes, from Portugal, with 2:19:28.24 and the 3rd was for Chloe Bunnett, from UK, with 2:24:37.66.

Race of Champions - Portugal

The 25km of Portimão Race of Champions – ICF World Series 2010 were hard, especially up wind, but the 13km downwind were very fast, changeling and fun for the athletes.

Click here for the full results

race of champions

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