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Monday, 20 September 2010 08:47 | Written by  Dean Gardiner
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Jeremy Cotter riding the shorebreak to take second place Jeremy Cotter riding the shorebreak to take second place

Massive swell and fickle winds were on the menu for competitors in the first of the Smartline Fenn Cup series.

Course Change

Due to inconsistent wind reports leading into the race, the course was shortened and change to a two-lap out and back course. This enabled competitors to take advantage of the big swell on hand with some linking waves for 300-400 meters.

Around 180 competitors took to the water to tackle the waves that were at times closing out the start point at Fishermans Beach.

Warming up

Warming up before the race

Queensland Contingent

A considerably large contingent of Queenslanders made the trip south and definitely made their presence felt. The Queenslanders were headed by Jeremy Cotter and Ben Allan with ironman champ Zane Holmes, Bruce Taylor and Krystyl Smith also in the mix.

Cotter and Allan had gone head to head in the first event on the National Series (AORS)  at Byron Bay in July. In that race Allan out-sprinted Cotter to the line. A few weeks later Cotter got the better of Allan in the US Champs in San Francisco.

With so much depth on the line for this event predictions were that any one of ten competitors could take the race out, especially in such testing conditions.


Launching through the shorebreak!

Fenn Cup - Start

The lineup at the start - and timing the backline

ASN Hotspot

The ASN (Australian Sports Nutrition) Hotspot 500 meters from the start, was the first contest of the day. Tony Schumacher and Murray Stewart fought a tight battle at times clashing paddles with Schumacher touching out Stewart and picking up the $500.

From this point the race settled in the rhythm of a distance race. Cotter took the early lead with a pack of Allan, Holmes, Taylor, Tim Jacobs and Paul Green not far behind. Cotter’s lead was reduced when Allan picked up a nice wave going into the end of the first lap.

Once again these two would go head to head for the entire second lap. Coming in for the finish Allan took a shallow line with Cotter wide hoping to pick up and outside wave. Cotters plan looked like it was going to work when he picked up a bomb on the outside. The wave steepened sharply with Cotter slewing.

Ben Allen

Ben Allen coming in first

Close Finish

Allan was still on a very shallow course which meant  a long way to cut back to the to get to the  finish chute. Cotter picked up another wave and rode that one to beach. Allan was a wave in front but had 100 meters to run. Cotter fumbled slightly in the shorebreak but still had the slight advantage. As they hit the chute together Allan had the inside and deflected Cotter making it 2 for 2 in the National Series.

Jeremy Cotter

Cotter steams in, second (such a cool shot, I put it up again in higher res...)

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor - comfortable third place

Bruce Taylor rounded out the top three with Holmes and Green filling the minor spots.

Zane Holmes and Paul Greene

Zane Holmes and Paul Greene dicing to the finish

Women’s Race

Ironwomen Krystyl Smith had a successful day taking both the ASN Hotspot and the race in the ladies category. Manly paddler and Adventure Racing champ Mel Pelly took second with Erin Braund filling the ladies dias.

Top 20 Results

  1. Ben Allan (Think Uno)
  2. Jeremy Cotter (Fenn Elite)
  3. Bruce Taylor (Fenn Elite)
  4. Zane Holmes (Fenn Elite)
  5. Paul Green (Fenn Elite)
  6. Dane Sloss (Fenn Elite)
  7. Michael Locke (Fenn Elite)
  8. Tom Woodriff (DD3 Albatross Maxi)
  9. Nathan Smith (Epic V12)
  10. Cade Barnes (Epic V12)
  11. Mark Michin (Fenn Elite)
  12. Reece Baker (Fenn Elite)
  13. Adam Rowe (Fenn Elite)
  14. Michael Clues (Fenn Elite)
  15. Murray Stewart (Fenn Elite)
  16. Ian Timbrell (Nelo)
  17. Dave Tudor-Jones (Atom)
  18. Matt Rees (Fenn Elite)
  19. Ali Day (Epic V10)
  20. Kendrick Louis (Gibbons)

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The Smartline Fenn Cup Series is a downwind ocean paddling series incorporating the four major disciplines of ocean sports. Surf ski, paddleboards, outrigger canoes and SUPs will come together over one race. The cream of Australian ocean athletes are expected to take part in the three event series.

All events will run between Long Reef and Palm Beach and are totally dependant on wind direction as to where they will start. Race 1 is looking good as a 10-15 knot southerly wind on top of a 1.5 meter southerly swell should make for some nice runs for all the craft.

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