Southern Shamaal - "No fireworks, but an honest paddle!"

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Scott Rutherfoord wins Day 1 of the 2010 Southern Shamaal PE2EL Challenge Scott Rutherfoord wins Day 1 of the 2010 Southern Shamaal PE2EL Challenge Credits: Owen Middleton

The first day of the Southern Shamaal PE2EL Challenge kicked off this morning with 50km out and back course set by race director Anton Erasmus.

Easterly winds

"Under our rules, the forecast easterly meant we had to curtail the usual 75km first day," said Erasmus.  "We sent the paddlers out 25km to the mouth of the Sundays River and back so they escaped just over 20km."

Southern Shamaal

Southern Shamaal

Southern Shamaal

The doubles set off

In event the wind never really picked up.  "It filled in a little on the way back," said fourth place Pete Cole.  "Maybe 10kt for the last hour."

The paddlers were mostly feeling their way at the start of the four day epic, not willing to commit too soon to any brash moves.  The day's winner, Scott Rutherfoord, eventually couldn't take the "pedestrian" pace anymore and put the hammer down after the turn mark at Sundays.

Southern Shamaal

Ian Trautman leads the pack shortly after the start

"I went for it after the turn, just to feel the rest of the guys out," he said.  "Hayden stayed with me for a while but dropped off."

Rutherfoord said he hit the wall with about a km to go.  "I don't know if I had too many goos, or something," he said, "but I was feeling nauseous and started vomiting."  He could see Bevan Manson creeping up on an inside line.  "Bevan is really strong at the moment, but I just managed to pip him at the finish."

Scott Rutherfoord

Feeling the hurt - Scott Rutherfoord at the finish of Day 1

Hayden Smith finished third some four minutes off the pace.

"I think most people are hurting," said Pete Cole.  "It's true that we had 20km off today, but we still did the distance of the Cape Point Challenge.  And tomorrow is slightly longer than today!"


The doubles partnership of Bruce Neil and Theo van Dyk have dominated in the Cape Town Discovery Sunglass Hut Series this season - and today was no different.  The two men have been training up to 150km a week for the past couple of months, and they went hard from the start.

Southern Shamaal

Bruce Neil and Theo Van Dyk

"We decided to go hard because we knew that the day would be shorter than we'd expected," said Neil.  "The bunch broke up early and we only had Craig Powell [and Rowland Pearce] on our tail.

"It was a long, hard paddle.  But it went well and we're looking forward to getting back on the proper course tomorrow."

Forecast and course

Based on latest forecast, the paddlers will start again tomorrow at 5am at Woody Cape and will paddle 57km to Port Alfred.

"It was the right call today," said race veteran Pete Cole.  "I think all the paddlers supported the decision.  Tomorrow is looking fairly benign and the surf at Woody Cape shouldn't be a problem; the forecast is for 1.5m at 6sec."

Southern Shamaal

And where would we be without the seconds?  


Race photographer Owen Middleton took these pics...  


Southern Shamaal

Results - Day 1

Single Ski

PositionNameAge catGenderCategoryTime
1 Scott Rutherford senior Male Single Ski 04:20:18
2 Bevan Manson senior Male Single Ski 04:21:14
3 Hayden Smith senior Male Single Ski 04:24:45
4 Peter Cole vet Male Single Ski 04:25:17
5 Ian Trautmann vet Male Single Ski 04:29:33
6 Justin Maddock senior Male Single Ski 04:32:40
7 Quinton Rutherford vet Male Single Ski 04:38:00
8 Hein Van rooyen senior Male Single Ski 04:39:49
9 Andrew Mcpherson senior Male Single Ski 04:42:17
10 Jason Kalogeropoulos senior Male Single Ski 04:47:58
11 Duncan Boyd senior Male Single Ski 04:49:25
12 Jean Austin senior Male Single Ski 04:50:27
13 Kyle Harris senior Male Single Ski 04:52:12
14 Jason Goedhals senior Male Single Ski 04:53:30
15 Kyle Nell senior Male Single Ski 04:55:44
16 Andrew Dunstan senior Male Single Ski 04:58:34
17 Jamii Hamlin vet Male Single Ski 05:00:12
18 Keith Theron vet Male Single Ski 05:02:22
19 Neil Macdonald vet Male Single Ski 05:02:30
20 Craig Sutherland vet Male Single Ski 05:10:14
21 Neal Stephenson senior Male Single Ski 05:10:46
22 Gavin Dickinson senior Male Single Ski 05:17:05
23 Hayden Skinner senior Male Single Ski 05:17:06
24 Bianca Beavitt senior Female Single Ski 05:17:10
25 Paul Lange vet Male Single Ski 05:22:32
26 Michael De villiers vet Male Single Ski 05:31:00
27 Dominic Strano senior Male Single Ski 05:31:14
28 Mark Van der velde vet Male Single Ski 05:31:43
29 Craig Dohne vet Male Single Ski 05:35:52
30 Costa Dimopoulos vet Male Single Ski 05:39:42
31 Roddy Van breda senior Male Single Ski 05:40:23
32 Paul Moxley vet Male Single Ski 05:41:06
33 Andrew Torr vet Male Single Ski 05:41:35
34 George Hall vet Male Single Ski 05:50:35
35 Mike Baker vet Male Single Ski 06:03:15
36 Rudi Schultz vet Male Single Ski 06:04:23
37 Nico Redelinghuys vet Male Single Ski 06:05:00

Double Ski

PositionDriverEngineAge catGenderCategoryTime
1 Bruce Neill Theo Vandyk vet Male Double Ski 04:05:57
2 Craig Powell Rowland Pearce senior Male Double Ski 04:07:26
3 Brendon Thompson Alan Schuddinh vet Male Double Ski 04:14:08
4 Howard Loftus Andrew Stone senior Male Double Ski 04:16:03
5 Simon van Geysen Ryan Anderson senior Male Double Ski 04:18:02
6 Ross Fountain Brett Hadiaris senior Male Double Ski 04:20:35
7 Haydn Holmes Rob Klok senior Male Double Ski 04:21:21
8 Richard Philps Bryan Taylor senior Male Double Ski 04:21:43
9 Andrew Skowno Brett Caudwell senior Male Double Ski 04:22:30
10 Robert Welsh Richard Van Wilderman senior Male Double Ski 04:24:15
11 Gavin Mcnish Justin Mccalgan senior Male Double Ski 04:24:46
12 Richard Mangold Richard von Mansberg senior Male Double Ski 04:27:48
13 Ian Kingon Craig Webster vet Male Double Ski 04:35:02
14 Paul Cormack Gary Albers vet Male Double Ski 04:36:05
15 Ross Poacher Justin Gillmer senior Male Double Ski 04:36:07
16 Daantjie Malan Mynhardt Marais vet Male Double Ski 04:38:00
17 Luke Mcnish Jason Aubin junior Male Double Ski 04:38:36
18 Aiden Mackenzie Marc Economou senior Male Double Ski 04:38:53
19 Dale Lewis Philip Pla senior Male Double Ski 04:39:57
20 Stanford Slabbert Markus Burri vet Male Double Ski 04:40:01
21 Andre Wood Helen Weldrick senior mixed Double Ski 04:40:25
22 Mark Torrington Fred Creswell vet Male Double Ski 04:41:40
23 Ralph Teulings Bryan Slater vet Male Double Ski 04:42:00
24 Brenden Bosch Mark Van thiel senior Male Double Ski 04:42:32
25 Mark Alderman Angus Tanner senior Male Double Ski 04:43:01
26 Brendan Creighton Nicola Roote senior mixed Double Ski 04:44:46
27 Nick Van zyl Mark Gevers vet Male Double Ski 04:45:14
28 Shane Roach Derek Hendry vet Male Double Ski 04:46:35
29 Sean Walker Gary Neill vet Male Double Ski 04:47:15
30 Paul Neill David Williams-ashman vet Male Double Ski 04:47:35
31 Paul Apostolides Willie Kunz senior Male Double Ski 04:48:27
32 Mias V d westhuyzen Adie De kock vet Male Double Ski 04:56:45
33 Dave De coning Craig Boeckx senior Male Double Ski 04:56:56
34 David Gillmer Oconnor Peter vet Male Double Ski 04:57:02
35 Guy Collyer Brett Frost senior Male Double Ski 04:59:51
36 Willem V d westhuyzen Robbie Bester vet Male Double Ski 05:02:55
37 Angus Warren Mike Byrnes vet Male Double Ski 05:03:28
38 Gary Behn Anthony Edmonds senior Male Double Ski 05:05:10
39 Ian Russell Beth Burton vet mixed Double Ski 05:12:03
40 Johan Van rooyen Fouche Whitehead vet Male Double Ski 05:14:26
41 John Ashby Mark Burmeister vet Male Double Ski 05:19:08
42 Roger Elliott Toby Mare vet Male Double Ski 05:22:50
43 Gareth Pinkney Francois Sisam senior Male Double Ski 05:23:00
44 Guy Balme Shaun Frankish senior Male Double Ski 05:34:30
45 Richard Mcmartin Kevin Eggers senior Male Double Ski 05:34:30

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