Mocke wins 5th Cape Downwind Series Race

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Perfect conditions at the start of the Dunlop Dash for Cash! Perfect conditions at the start of the Dunlop Dash for Cash! Credits: John Hishin

We’ve been so lucky with the conditions,” said Gary Kroukamp, the inspiration behind the Cape Town Downwind Series.  “And Saturday was no exception.  Fantastic downwind, great turnout.”

Record Numbers

Originally intended as an informal get-together for downwind junkies, the series has steadily become more popular – Saturday’s race seeing over 90 paddlers take part.

“It’s a testament to the way surfski paddling in the Cape has matured,” said Rob Mousley, editor of the website  “The Millers Run that we did this weekend in particular has a reputation for challenging conditions.  So to see so many paddlers on the course was phenomenal.

“There was plenty of safety on the water – with a jetski and RIB from the Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Club, and the Simonstown NSRI station providing both of their search and rescue craft.

“So it was a great way for the less experienced paddlers to have a go.”

Tricky Start

Race director Pete Cole was left tearing his hair out when some of the paddlers ignored explicit instructions not to paddle outside Rumbly Bay before the start. (No names mentioned, although a certain website editor was clearly one of the guilty parties - apologies!)  As anticipated, within moments they were scattered by the fierce wind between the shore and Bakoven Rock and it took some time to regroup the field into line.

[Editor: There was also a pirate paddler who took advantage of the race by doing his own solo Millers Run.  This is an extremely stupid, selfish move that compromises the safety of the rest of the paddlers. Not cool.]

“Lessons were learned,” said Fish Hoek Lifesaving’s Richard Alford-Loots.  “We’ll be having a debriefing in the morning when tempers have calmed down!”

…and they’re off

In the end the wind and waves provided a perfect compromise of conditions – challenging but not extreme.

From the start at Rumbly Bay, the paddlers headed out broadside to the wind and waves to Bakoven Rock, turning downwind to head directly to Fish Hoek.  A brisk 25kt wind and 3-4ft swells gave the paddlers plenty to work with.

Dawid Mocke, racing the Fenn Elite SL for the first time won by 38 seconds from Tom Schilperoort in a time of 41:55 with Sean Rice a further 36 seconds further back.  (Mocke left South Africa yesterday on his way to paddle in the Defis Kayak tour in the Caribbean.  The tour comprises two races (26km and 23km) in Guadeloupe over the next two weekends.)

Dawid Mocke

Dawid Mocke on his way to win the Dunlop Downwind Dash for Cash!

Tom Schilperoort

Tom Schilperoort - second

Sean Rice

Sean Rice - third

Adam Bothma and Jarrod Tubb

First Double - Adam Bothma and Jarrod Tubb

Steve Farrell

Steve Farrell - fifth overall

Rob Mousley

First over-45...!

In the absence of Nikki Mocke (who was hobbling around the clubhouse with a massive plaster cast on her leg), Tarryn Brown was the first woman across the line.

SUPer Paddlers

Eight intrepid SUP paddlers took part as well - starting from the north ramp a little ahead of the main race.  Big Wave Surfers Chris and Greg Bertish took first and second respectively.

A hearty thanks to sponsors Dunlop who came to the party in a big way with specially designed shirts/caps and plenty of loot at prizegiving.

Next Race

The Series is scheduled to have one last race at Strand this Saturday – but the current weather forecast is not looking good.  Under the “No wind, no paddle” rule, this means that the race may be cancelled, since the two reserve weekends have already been used.


Results - Dunlop Downwind Dash for Cash 2011

1 41:55 Dawid Mocke  
2 42:33 Tom Schilperoort  
3 43:09 Sean Rice  
4 45:05 Adam Botha Jarrod Tubb
5 45:12 Steve Farrel  
6 45:15 Jayden Loots  
7 45:42 Gary Crombie Peter Kruger
8 45:56 Dom Notten  
9 46:15 Lyle Maasdorp  
10 46:35 Jono Webb  
11 46:41 Justin Maddock  
12 46:43 Ashley Carstens  
13 46:43 Ian Trautman  
14 46:48 Craig Flanagan  
15 46:49 Kenny Rice  
16 47:02 Daniel Kantoor  
17 47:54 Peter Jones  
18 48:40 Herbert Conradie  
19 48:59 Fynn Corrie Frans Radloff
20 49:25 Etienne Rawlinson  
21 49:35 Rob Mousley  
22 50:01 Daantjie Malan  
23 50:14 Neil Bailey Inga Schabort
24 50:18 Evan Ridge  
25 50:23 Marais Steyn  
26 50:33 Andrew Hardy Ian Hooper
27 50:35 Aaron van Schalk  
28 50:54 Rob Hart Tina Gallegar
29 50:55 Kylle Nell  
30 50:56 Sean Butler  
31 51:02 Stephan du Toit  
32 51:03 Louw Strydom  
33 51:14 Shanti Stewart  
34 51:16 Craig Salmone  
35 51:24 Nicholas Notten Duncan Haupt
36 51:25 Angie Gaffney Jackie Barnes
37 51:27 Philp Kanter  
38 51:30 George Hayes  
39 51:39 Tayrrn Brown  
40 51:40 Adrian Good Alan Mills
41 51:51 Greg Goodwood  
42 52:01 Nico Redlinghuis  
43 52:10 Fouche Whitehead  
44 52:17 Willy van der Westhuizen  
45 52:27 Antony Lake  
46 52:28 Gary Kroukamp  
47 52:55 Mike Baker  
48 53:05 Dale Lipstreu  
49 53:08 Mark Beck  
50 53:09 Alex Topliss  
51 53:17 Jean Tresfon  
52 53:38 Rob Wilmot  
53 53:52 Dave Mills  
54 53:58 Kevin Goodspeed Lisa Scott
55 54:05 Nick Pickard  
56 54:15 Jason Berry Andrew Ross
57 54:25 Tom Thring  
58 54:40 Adie De Kock  
59 54:55 Andre Jooste  
60 55:04 Gary Pepler  
61 55:44 Kirsty Flanagan  
62 56:05 James Uren  
63 56:10 Shander Sylvan  
64 56:27 Paul Jenkins  
65 56:28 Daniel Sheard  
66 57:12 Andrew Brouckaert  
67 58:20 Ryan McCauqhey  
68 58:43 Francois Sissam  
69 58:45 Kevin Brunette  
70 59:10 Johan Dewet  
71 1:00:13 Wanda Mphikiwa  
72 1:02:22 Wayne Knutsen  
73 1:05:38 Daniel McArthur  
74 1:10:19 Gareth Pinkney  
75 1:25:30 Deon Naude  

SUP Paddlers

SUP Downwind

1 1:00:34 Chris Bertish
2 1:01:09 Greg Bertish
3 1:06:17 Peter Petersen
4 1:07:27 Gary van Rooyen
5 1:13:07 Glen Thompson
6 1:16:06 Brigette van Aswegen
7 1:23:19 Brendon Scharfelter
8 1:26:23 Monika Wohlgemuth

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