Island Shamaal – Sporty’s Downwind Dash

Friday, 01 July 2011 07:05 | Written by  Barry Lewin
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Dawid Mocke approaches the channel at Le Morne Dawid Mocke approaches the channel at Le Morne Credits: All pics by Pascal Mamet

[Editor: The warm-up race for the Island Shamaal Mauritius Ocean Classic was held yesterday in almost calm conditions.  There were a few swimmers in the channels through the reef but no great trauma…]

Barry Lewin’s Mauritius Diary - Thursday

Can you believe it but I actually slept straight through my alarm this morning, which meant a bit of a mad rush through breakfast. Couldn’t resist a second round of pancakes (even if I’d missed the race for the pancakes it would have been worth it. The food here is phenomenal). Mixed a quick tripper bag of juice and got through check in. All on time, just.

Barry Lewin

Barry Lewin on the mean green machine

Pulling – but not too hard

Dawid pulled of the start, luckily not too hard. By the time we were in the pass Jezza (Jeremy Cotter) and Bruce Taylor had come up and took over the pull. The bunch must have lasted only 200m before each guy picked his own line. Jezza down the inside, Dawid down the middle and myself on the outside.

Le Morne

The iconic shape of Le Morne looming up behind the paddlers

The wind was nonexistent which made for ‘HOT’ conditions. There was still a run or two if you were willing to work for them.

Super Chilled

Jezza was willing to pull the hardest and walked away with the win. Dawid looked super chilled and controlled in second and myself in third. I didn’t go full tilt, rather paddling within comfortable limits in the heat making sure to keep hydrated leaving enough for the weekend.

Jeremy Cotter

Jeremy Cotter - from the viewpoint of the rest of the field

Some of the paddlers decided to use the paddle as a training session rather than a race with Tom surfing waves at Le Morne and guiding back markers through the pass. Surprise of the day was Shaun Rice (the one from Aus) paddling his own ski finishing fifth.

The calm conditions meant that novice paddlers could take part in today’s event too.  Keith Fenn took his son Josh in the back of a double – and was overheard, “Tone it down and save yourself for the finish…!”  Clearly a competitive streak coming through.

What does it all mean?

Not much!  The results really don’t show much of what is expected on the finishing list come Saturday.

Another day in the sea in different conditions with more competition will bring a world of hurt to those who want to get to the top of the podium at the Island Shamaal.

Even with the less than ideal conditions there was a great vibe at lunch under the trees at the finish of the race. The mixing of top paddlers and weekend warriors sharing stories of the amazing setting and how much better this was than sitting in an office (hey Rob?!).

The afternoon was spent exploring. Many of the Saffa’s and Aussie’s trekked up the coast to find some waves and all thought of racing was swapped for reef breaks and surfboards.

Brendan Rice was the ring leader (skipped today’s race altogether!) paddled into some great sets on an unnamed spot and Dean got very friendly with the reef.

Looking forward

The race organisers are trying their best to try find some wind for the race on Saturday. There were many courses discussed with Dean and Dawid and the outcome seems to be a 22km paddle on the west coast of the island. We know there won’t be all time downwind conditions as the forecasts are light but they are trying to get us into the best conditions they can find on the day. Quite refreshing to see a team effort and everyone on the same page.

Ruth Highman

Ruth Highman - favorite for the women's race on Saturday

Level playing field

What really cool is that is a new section that no one has paddled before really leveling things out. It’s going to be tough in the heat if it was anything like today. From my perspective the favorites for the race in light conditions are Matt Bouman(arriving Fri), Dawid and Jezza. There will be a big group fighting for top 5 in Lighty, Myself, Tom, Bruce, Ando and Dean.

There are a couple of wild cards I really don’t know very well that could surprise some people. Dean Beaument is deadly in the bumps with Will Bird, Justin Farrly are looking fit. Watch the junior from Fish Hoek, South Africa Dominic Notten for a top 10?

Wind looks really light for tomorrow so most will enjoy the relaxing environment of Tamassa Hotel or go check out the Island.


Race briefing for the race will take place at 6pm where the race course for Saturday will be announced!



Full Results - Sporty's Downwind Challenge

Full Course

1 01:05:32 Cotter, Jeremy Australia  
2 01:07:50 Mocke, Dawid SA  
3 01:08:43 Lewin, Barry SA  
4 01:13:08 Pretorius, Clint SA  
5 01:14:58 Rice, Shaun SA  
6 01:16:35 Knowles, James Australia  
7 01:16:52 Anderson, Mark Australia  
7 01:16:52 Taylor, Bruce Australia  
9 01:17:29 Farrly, Justin Australia  
10 01:17:33 Bird, Will Australia  
11 01:17:59 Rutherford, Quinton SA  
12 01:18:03 Rossbotham, Leon Hong Kong  
13 01:18:05 Berruyer, Pierre Reunion  
14 01:18:39 Boyd, Duncan SA  
15 01:18:50 Dobler, Michael Germany  
16 01:19:35 Friendenstein, Kyle SA  
17 01:22:03 Beaumont, Dean Australia  
18 01:22:04 Gardener, Dean Australia  
19 01:22:13 Jean Sauzier and Warren Terry Mauritius Double
20 01:23:05 Baptiste, Simon Mauritius  
21 01:23:16 Mulcahly, Jezza Australia  
22 01:23:20 Ellis, Patrick UAE  
23 01:23:37 Laforet, Paul Reunion  
24 01:23:40 Hales, Boris SA  
25 01:23:55 Currin, Brendan SA  
26 01:24:55 Highman, Ruth Australia Lady
27 01:24:57 Hardie, Mark Australia  
28 01:25:20 Gouissarre, Olivier Reunion  
29 01:25:30 Fenn, Keith and son SA Double
29 01:25:30 Henry, Dominic and Estelle Mauritius Double
31 01:26:41 Henry, Jared-Phillipe Mauritius  
32 01:27:30 McKintosh, Kirby Namibia  
33 01:27:58 Topman, Andy Mauritius  
34 01:29:37 Duncan, Mark SA  
35 01:30:47 Le Clezio, Arnaud Mauritius  
36 01:39:21 Gilmer, Dave SA  
37 01:33:28 Manzewski, Boris Hong Kong  
38 01:34:50 Allott, Brian SA  
39 01:34:52 de Carmejane Vesc, Camille Hong Kong Lady
40 01:34:53 Lupton-Smith, Sean SA  
41 01:35:25 Stafford, Eddie Mauritius  
42 01:36:35 Spain, Lisa Australia Lady
43 01:36:36 Caboche, Andre Mauritius  
44 01:37:37 Hardy, Jean-Marc Reunion  
45 01:38:03 Veglio, Andrew Mauritius  
46 01:38:10 De Spiele, Jean Baptiste Mauritius  
47 01:39:02 Ferguson, Dave SA  
48 01:42:21 Parks, Kim SA  
49 01:42:23 Da Silva, Mark Mauritius  
50 01:42:53 Vallet, Jean Franscois Mauritius  
51 01:43:20 Quinton Namibia  
52 01:45:28 Erasmus, Anton SA  
53 01:46:13 le Clezio, Matilde Mauritius Lady
54 01:49:29 Schilperoodt, Tom SA  
55 01:49:34 Notten, Dominic SA  
56 01:49:35 Hugo, Eugene Namibia  
57 01:49:41 Murray, Candice SA Lady

Alternate Route (inside the reef)

1 01:16:21 Quirk, Chris Australia  
2 01:24:48 Grantham, Peter Australia  
3 01:28:18 Vidler, Ken Australia  
4 01:32:03 Crous, Odette Mauritus Lady
5 01:33:14 Mason, Craig SA  
6 01:43:21 Karen Namibia Lady
7 01:46:31 de Froberville, Martine Mauritus Lady
8 01:46:53 Lamusse, Linda Mauritus Lady
9 01:46:55 Lamusse, Benit Mauritus  
10 01:46:58 Tennant, Sarah Mauritus  

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