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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 07:48 | Written by  Di Arnott
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Ruth Highman dominated the women's race at the 2012 Perth Doctor Ruth Highman dominated the women's race at the 2012 Perth Doctor Credits: John O'Sullivan

With Kristyl Smith and Kirsty Holmes busy with the surf IronWoman races, and last year’s winner Michele Eray looking into her crystal ball and foreseeing a headwind, this year was perfectly set up for local Ruth Highman to take her first ‘Doctor’ title.

And she didn’t disappoint – taking the women’s title nine minutes ahead of Coolangatta Gold competitor Claire Duncan.  In third place was local Kylie Broad, with Tricia Gilbert winning the 40+ category only six seconds behind Kylie.  She and Kylie came in on entirely different angles and when they saw each other 400m from the finish, the sprint was on.  As Tricia put it, ‘I think she was surprised to see me!’

The ASN hotspot was taken out by Ruth Highman, beating Kylie Broad by half a boat length.

Claire Duncan

Claire Duncan came second

Kylie Broad

Kylie Broad - third.

For 2/3 of the race Ruth paddled with Libby LeCoultre and Jacqui Lane who were in a double and singing songs.  Next year Ruth would like a song list – ‘I didn’t know what songs they were singing so I couldn’t join in!’  She did identify one song though – ‘Eternal Flame’ by the Bangles…

In the meantime, 3rd place-getter Kylie Broad was doing some gardening.  ‘I dragged weed for a whole kilometre, I thought I was just slow’.  After she cleared the weed she started passing other paddlers – ‘but not Claire or Ruth’.

“It’s just TOO far!”

Conditions on the course were very hot, and the usually predictable Fremantle Doctor sent a replacement with poor bedside manner – Stonking Headwind.   The race was best summed up by Kylie Broad, who said, “it’s just too far!”

It seems only one person enjoyed the race, and that was Claire Duncan.  However she may have been affected by the heat as she also claimed that the paddlers on the course were great – but from the look of everyone as they came in, they would all have been very grumpy.

Ol’ "Death-to-wind"

Ruth Highman has an international reputation as ‘death to wind’.  Apparently she only has to think about entering a race for conditions to go down the gurgler – e.g. Hong Kong 2011.  So far she has only entered two international races that had good conditions, so it may be time to ban her from all future races.  Or perhaps she can take up flatwater racing.  (Just kidding, Ruth!)

Ruth Highman

Ruth Highman powers in to the finish...

Next Year

Well, conditions in 2013 just have to be better…  This race gets bigger each year – I’m looking forward to it already (and I will be racing next year!).  See you in 2013!

The Doctor


(Click here for the full results)

PosCat PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryGenderGen Pos
87 1 149 Ruth Highman 02:15:36 Ski Open (21-39) Female 1
139 2 92 Claire Duncan 02:24:02 Ski Open (21-39) Female 2
191 3 45 Kylie Broad 02:35:01 Ski Open (21-39) Female 3
193 1 115 Tricia Gilbert 02:35:07 Ski Over 40 Female 4
206 2 154 Claire Hosegood 02:37:54 Ski Over 40 Female 5
219 4 273 Lisa Spain 02:42:41 Ski Open (21-39) Female 6
224 5 152 Bae Hooper 02:43:51 Ski Open (21-39) Female 7
241 1 313 Anna Williams 02:46:18 Ski Under 20 ft Female 8
246 3 78 Kerry Davenport 02:48:31 Ski Over 40 Female 9
259 4 167 Julie Jenkinson 02:54:24 Ski Over 40 Female 10
260 1 267 Helen Sivertsen 02:54:37 Plastic Craft Female 11
280 1 337 Annabel Anderson 03:20:49 SUP Female 14' (up to 14') Female 12
285 2 35 Terrene Black 03:28:33 SUP Female 14' (up to 14') Female 13
287 3 113 Alison Fullagar 03:30:22 SUP Female 14' (up to 14') Female 14
300 4 64 Elyse Comerford 04:12:34 SUP Female 14' (up to 14') Female 15
    157 Angela Jackson DNF SUP Female 14' (up to 14') Female  

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