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Yes, that really is the venue.  And no, I couldn't find any other photos of surfskis on Emmerentia Dam! Yes, that really is the venue. And no, I couldn't find any other photos of surfskis on Emmerentia Dam!

Dabulamanzi Canoe Club Surfski Section is hosting the second  GAUTENG HI-ALTITUDE SURKSKI CHAMPS on the extremely challenging landlocked Emmies course in Johannesburg – The only Inland Blue Flag Beach.

This intrepid band of up-country Saffer Surfski Legends is challenging all coastal types (That failed to pass the medical for the Great Trek) to participate.

The course is littered with dangerous passages with conditions sure to challenge all.  Sea Scout Reef can stand up to the full height of Copper Simpkins’ first floor balcony on a mild day, Dam Wall shorebreak has caught out many unwary mariners and the currents around the South Pier will keep you guessing.

Ginger German and NY RSP to attend?

Last year’s inaugural event had a very impressive 40 Ski field and this year organiser Pete O’Connor is hoping for over 100 entrants.  Confirmed entrants so far are the little promoted but apparently talented Ginger Germans from Durban,  pie magnate K.Parkes and other luminaries. 

Rumours of an appearance by the best Jewish Paddler in Brooklyn are gaining some traction as Anthony Wald and Brad Fisher set out to dispel the myth that he is the best RSP on the planet.

Apart from the local ski paddling devotees the highly potent local flatwater racing contingent will be sourcing craft to make the racing ultra competitive on the piece of water nicknamed “The Whirlpool” and grudgingly admired by the rest of the country’s paddlers.

The organisers are eagerly awaiting word from the DWASOPES as to their representation at the event. 

NSRI on standby

The NSRI and Northcliff Fire brigade are on standby to render assistance to those in difficulty.

The air is thin, the racing will be tight and the prizegiving/disciplinary hearing will be held in what has to be one of the best clubhouses in world paddling.  The legion of accompanying war stories will entertain you long after the memory of the  challenge fades.

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