Perth World Cup, Day 2 - Oscar's Data

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ImageThe big O sent us the link to his GPS track for the Perth World Cup Day 2 on


Some interesting stats: average speed 9.5mph/15.5kph; max speed 13.9mph/22.3kph.


According to MotionBased, the wind speed was 14-18mph/23-30kph WSW.


See below for some images from Google Earth... 

Click here for Oscar's MotionBased GPS Track.


Here's a map showing the course:


Map showing the course from Rottnest Island to Hillary's Harbour


And Oscar's track courtesy of Google Earth: 


Oscar's GPS Track - Day 2


And finally, I couldn't help myself - I think the detail offered by Google Earth is just mind-blowing - here's a detailed look at Oscar's finish at Hillary's Harbour. 


The finish at Hillary's Harbour! salutes Oscar Chalupsky for a fantastic achievement.  Go Oscar! 


Results Summary:


1. Oscar Chalupsky (SA) 1:45

2. Darryl Bartho (SA) +25 sec

3. Ash Nesbit (Aus) + 1min 39 sec

4. Herman Chalupsky (SA) + 1 sec

5. Dean Beaman (Aus)

6. Barry Lewin (SA)

7. Dave Kissane (Aus)

8. Mike Walter (NZ)


Only thirty seconds separated positions 3 and 8 indicating an extremely tight race.

More details soon! 

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