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"We've got the best field of paddlers ever for the Perth World Cup," said Race Director Ash Nesbit.  "All the guys from Dubai except Hank McGregor, plus a whole lot of hungry Aussie locals."

Perth World Cup 2006
Perth Race Start 2006


The conditions for tomorrow's 28km race from Rottness Island to Sorrento Beach are expected to be ideal: an 18kt sou'wester is expected to strengthen to around 23kts by the end of the race and the swell forecast is for 2.1-2.5m waves.

Oscar described the conditions as being "like a good Millers Run" referring to the classic downwind route here in Cape Town.  Barry Lewin on the other hand said the seas are "Easy to read, but chop & rides running in all directions, similar (for those who know it) to Durban in a big easterly wind".  Sounds magic.

The race starts at about 1.30pm Perth time (06.30 South African time) and will be doing their usual live coverage.

Daryl Bartho Oscar Chalupsky Perth 2007
Perth World Cup 2006 - Oscar Chalupsky and Daryl Bartho an hour into the race in flat conditions.

The Competition

The seniors on the tour, Australia's Dean Gardiner and South African Oscar Chalupsky must be salivating at the thought of the big waves and wind.  They both love big downwind conditions.  Oscar won this race in 2005 and 2006.  He will be pushing hard to make it a hat-trick and to prove a point against Dawid Mocke.

On the other hand, there's a host of young (and not so young) paddlers who'll be equally at home on the bumps.  Dawid Mocke for one, who's won the last World Series two races in Hong Kong and Dubai, has to be the man to beat.

The field includes the cream of Australian surf ski paddling:

  • Dean Gardiner who hasn't paddled this race for years being too busy organizing it. This year he's handed over to Ash Nesbit and will be going all out in his favorite conditions.
  • Tim Jacobs (3rd in Dubai). Not considered to be quite such a threat going downwind, but hey, he beat both Oscar and Herman Chalupsky in Dubai.
  • Dave Kissane who's back on form, consistently around 3rd place in the Ocean Series this year
  • Dane Sloss, who competed head to head with Tim Jacobs in the ski section of the Coolangatta Gold.
  • Brendon Sarson, winner of the 2007 King of the Cape
  • Tim Bird
  • Dean Beament. ("Dean is faster than Brendon," said Ash Nesbit, "and should be well up in the top ten.")
  • Ex-South African Murray Stewart

From South Africa:

  • Oscar Chalupsky who heads the World Series Rankings at the moment, having done one more race than Dawid Mocke.
  • Herman Chalupsky who edged brother Oscar out to take 4th place at Dubai.
  • Daryl Bartho who's competed at Perth for the last couple of years, coming second in 2006 behind Oscar (whom he'd beaten in all the local South African races leading up to the Perth event!)
  • Clint Pretorius. Clint is still recovering from a broken wrist and may not be back to full strength.
  • Barry Lewin who's hungry to improve his performance after a disappointing 9th place in Dubai.
  • Bevan Manson, who trains in South Africa with Oscar Chalupsky, also had a disappointing race in Dubai where he came 15th. He's done a lot of training in big downwind conditions recently.
  • Steve Woods, another Durbanite whose Dubai race was badly affected at the start when he was knocked off (twice) by other paddlers at the first buoy.
  • Brett Bartho and Ian Grey who are also no slouches in the big stuff.


  • Lewis Laughlin is currently lying 2nd in the World Series Rankings after having had a shocker of a race in Dubai. He was just behind Steve Woods and was blocked while Steve fell off, got on, fell off and got on again. Lewis clawed his way back up to 8th place, but his relatively poor result lost him number one spot on the Rankings.

Women's Race

Fresh from an easy victory in Dubai, the on-form New Zealander Katie Pocock will be taking on local favorite Natasha Leaversuch who is unbeaten so far this season in the Aussie races.

Katie may well have recovered from her ordeal at the Dubai Surfski and Kayak Club on Monday when was trapped for hours in the toilet, having managed to break the key in the lock...  Fortunately her Fireman's training kicked in and she managed to break out of a side window into the arms of Tim Jacobs...  Sadly I was too busy holding the window up for to get a photo of that maneuver.  

Fenn Hotspots

There are two US$1000 Fenn Hotspots, the first being 500m from the start of the race off Rottnest Island.

The second is 12km from the start nearly at the half way point.  The paddlers will be guided to the hotspot by a 60ft crayfish boat that will be trailing a 6m sponsor's banner.  Half way to the hotspot, the boat will motor ahead of the fleet and will anchor near the 5ft fluorescent can that marks the spot.  From there the race takes a direct line to (and through) the 3 Mile Reef off Sorrento Beach.

Perth World Cup 2007 Course Map
Perth World Cup 2007 Course Map

The paddlers will go around a buoy set at the break that will give them a straight line into the beach. 

Registration Evening

"It was a great night," said Ash, "the sponsors provided free beer and lasagna.  Oscar drank all the beer and ate all the lasagna.  You could tell Tim Jacobs is taking the race seriously though - he didn't touch a drop all night!"

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