Perth World Cup 2007 – GPS Tracks and more Photos!

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We downloaded Daryl Bartho's GPS to download his track from the Perth World Cup race.  Did Oscar gain anything by not going around that buoy?  Judge for yourself!

Perth World Cup 2007 - GPS Tracks
Perth 2007: GPS Tracks - Oscar Chalupsky (red) and Daryl Bartho (yellow)

Cape Point Challenge

Daryl is down from Durban to take part in next weekend's Cape Point Challenge along with Oscar Chalupsky...  who is here with his son Luke (15) and his dad Paul (70) who are also going to take part - not often that you get three generations in one race.  (More about that later.)

The GPS Tracks 

Daryl, Oscar, Dawid Mocke and Clint Pretorius were together much of the way from Rottnest to Sorrento - but about 8km from the finish, the paths of the 4 paddlers diverged, Dawid taking a more northerly line, Clint and Daryl going slightly south of Oscar's line.  It would have been interesting to view Dawid's GPS track but unfortunately he didn't hit the start button so his route was not recorded.

Oscar was using two GPS units: a Garmin Forerunner 301 for navigation and a 305 to monitor his heart rate and speed.

Entire GPS tracks - Oscar & Daryl, Perth 2007
GPS Tracks - Oscar (red) and Daryl (yellow)

 The buoy

In the image below you can see clearly the path that Daryl took to pass around the buoy, about 30m to the left of Oscar's track. 

Did the O gain any advantage? 

Suffice to say that the result was regretted by everyone I've spoken to.


Here's another batch of photos sent to us by Ash Nesbit.


Perth Day 2 - Sprint Race

We've struggled to get reports about day 2 - could be something to do with the massive hangovers from the party after Day 1??

This from The format for Sunday's racing was a lot different than anything else on the ocean paddling circuit. It was an 8km race in quite flat conditions from North Cotteslo Beach down to the Sunset Coast, with four $250 hotspots or sprint gates along the way. The most interesting component of this race was that the women were given a one-minute head start on the rest of the field. As Katie explains,  "the first hotspot was 800m offshore and both men and women were eligible to take $250 each for hitting this hot spot first. There was however only one $250 prize for the second hot spot which was back on the beach (1600m mark).  I am sure you can all imagine the speculation/smack talk leading into the race as to whether the women would be able to hold their one-minute lead and claim the second hotspot. Having done a few calculations myself prior to the race I knew that it was going to be close."

Filled with confidence from her pre-race analysis and upholding the women's honour to hold off the charging men, Katie stormed off from the start. " I got away cleanly and claimed the first hot spot by hitting the large buoy with my paddle, but as I turned back to shore could see the large pack of men chasing hard.  I tried not to focus on them and just think about moving my boat forward as fast as I possibly could.  People who watched from elevated positions back on the beach said it was quite a spectacle as they could see Daryl Bartho (SA) and Tim Jacobs (Aus) closing the gap fast, (prior to the race Tim had teased me that this would be the only time that I would have 70 men chasing me)."

Katie gave it her all and her determination paid off. "I had purposely not used my GPS for this race I didn't want to know how fast/slow I was paddling; all I wanted to do was paddle as hard as I possibly could,

I knew about 100m out that they wouldn't catch me and I claimed the second hot spot with a loud ‘whoop whoop'. Behind me I heard Tracy yell a similar hoot of support /congratulations. When Tim paddled past me 150m or so later I couldn't resist giving him a wee ‘oh I wondered when you were going to catch up' comment.  The rest of the race was a bit of a struggle, but I managed to hold onto the win. I was enormously relieved to cross the finish line first at City Beach it was a fantastic way to finish of the weekend."

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