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Thursday, 19 February 2009 08:03 | Written by 
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Here's a great video from Rambo of the recent Perth Doctor race.  Clint Robinson dominated - and features heavily in the clip - especially towards the end where he shows superb form on the runs.  Be aware that the file is big - 100MBytes, so you may want to start it off, hit the pause button, then go make coffee & come back ten minutes later.  But it's worth waiting for!


DVDs available

Rambo said: "There is a DVD version in HQ if anyone wants them, $20 Aussie plus postage. The DVD version is longer and has more paddlers in it.

I get a lump in my throat every time I watch it and see Clint on those waves... TURN THE MUSIC UP LOUD!!!!"

Rambo is a highly skilled videographer who specialises in paddling events - he's been experimenting with remote-controlled on-board cams - and he built his own gyro-stabilised rig in the photo above.  He's available for hire to film events...  He also an avid OC-1 paddler.

You can find Rambo on

And... (drum roll...) here's the video:

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