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Race kick-off:  13h30 Perth Time.  Live coverage at http://live.surfski.info/ from about 13h00.  Conditions look perfect; the competition hot...


Weather Conditions

According to Buoyweather (http://www.buoyweather.com/), the guys will be getting a 16-22kt southerly wind with 9.4 to 12ft swells WSW at 14sec!  Those are fabulous, technical conditions.  The guys will be catching the wind swells and turning onto big, powerful ocean swells.  Awesome!

It's HOT though - 27C/80F.

Dawid Mocke has been raving about the conditions - averaging 19km/h on a training run a couple of days ago.

Competition - Oscar's Picks

Oscar Chalupsky's predictions for the top three are: Clint Robinson, Hank McGregor and Dawid Mocke - in no particular order. 

"Clint is seriously good," said Chalupsky.  The 36 year old Robinson won gold at the Athens Olympics in the K1 1000m in 1992 at age 20 and bronze four years later.  Clearly one of the world's best sprint paddlers, he's no slouch in a surfski - proof of that is his results at Molokai, one of the premier downwind races in the surfski world, where he's had second and third placings.

Otherwise Chalupsky believes the South Africans will dominate.  "In the last two years the South Africans filled the top five places," he pointed out.  He believes the South African paddlers are generally better in downwind conditions.

On the other hand - the Aussies are on a high after conclusive wins, albeit in flat conditions, in Dubai where Tim Jacobs beat a extraordinary field of paddling greats and at the 250km 4-day Southern Shamaal in South Africa where the Aussie first team smashed the locals in no uncertain fashion.

Should be a great contest...

Timing Technology

For the first time in World Series race, "rfid" timing technology is being used - supplied by RFID Race Timing Systems.  Each athlete will wear a band around their ankle that contains a transponder.  At the finish they'll run over a mat buried in the sand - and their time will be taken automatically.  No more controversy about times! 

To find out more, go to the company's website: http://www.rfidtiming.com/

For more info on the race, go to:


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