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Live commentary from the US Surfski Champs will begin at about 11h30 local time on (to find the time in San Francisco, fire up google and type time now "San Francisco").  The race will begin sometime between 12h00 and 13h00 depending on ship traffic in the bay.

(Click on the image below to get to the Live Coverage site!)

Weather Forecast

According to the forecasts (Buoyweather, windguru, Weather Underground), there's not going to be much in the way of wind today: 4-6kt from the W.  The deep sea swell is forecast to be around 6ft running onshore from a WNW direction.

More importantly for this race, low tide is at around 10AM; high tide is at 4PM so there will be currents coming into the bay...  Local knowledge is of huge import and you can bet that the international paddlers will be watching the US paddlers like hawks.

To get to the live coverage - click on the image above, or go to


Here are a couple of pics from registration:

Patrick Hemmens, Dawid Mocke, US Champs 2008
Pat Hemmens & Dawid Mocke

Craig Nortje, US Champs 2008
Craig Nortje (Hong Kong) models the race T-shirt!

Race Course

(Here are the course notes from last year - I'm pretty sure that the same notes will apply re the tides.)

US Champs Course
Course - Google Earth waypoints below

For those who would like to follow the race on Google Earth, here are the waypoints.


Waypoint Position Distance Leg Length Notes
Start N37 48.394 W122 27.062 0 ft   Beach Start
turn boat N37 48.822 W122 27.062 0.492 mi 0.492 mi  
Fenn Hotspot N37 49.840 W122 28.610 2.33 mi 1.83 mi  
Ft. Baker turn (horseshoe cove) N37 49.888 W122 28.653 2.39 mi 357 ft  
Lime Point N37 49.524 W122 28.685 2.82 mi 0.421 mi  
Bridge (outbound - N Tower) N37 49.518 W122 28.744 2.87 mi 287 ft  
Pt Diablo N37 49.150 W122 29.984 4.08 mi 1.21 mi Smart paddlers will go inside the bay
Pt Bonita Bouy N37 48.690 W122 32.573 6.49 mi 2.42 mi Smart paddlers will go way inside the bay
Bouy 4 N37 49.422 W122 33.263 7.54 mi 1.05 mi Into the current
Bouy 2 (turn) N37 50.050 W122 34.097 8.59 mi 1.05 mi Into the current
Bouy 4 N37 49.422 W122 33.263 9.64 mi 1.05 mi downwind, with current
Pt Bonita Bouy N37 48.690 W122 32.573 10.7 mi 1.05 mi downwind, with current
Bridge (in bound - red nun) N37 48.793 W122 28.834 14.1 mi 3.41 mi downwind, with current
Finish N37 48.394 W122 27.062 15.8 mi 1.68 mi Beach Finish


Google Earth .kmz file

To load the waypoints instantly into Google Earth, download the kmz file: US Champs.kmz

Downwind 2 Dubai!

See you later!

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