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Our contact Judy Barker is down at the start area right now - and she's sending us pics & video clips from her mobile phone.  Over the next hour or so we'll be collecting and editing them.  Then we'll upload them to and you'll be able to watch them - near real time.  Cool, hey?

US Champs 2008
The Golden Gate bridge this morning


The Video Clips

The way it works is...

Judy uses her phone to film folks on the ground in San Francisco, then she sends the clip to my email address using MMS.

I load the clips into my video edit suite, tweak them a little, then cut the final version.

Finally I upload the clip to

Bit laborious I guess, but hey, that's showbiz!

Here it is - hopefully we'll have another version up before the race with a few more interviews...

Don't forget - click or click on the image below to watch the live commentary.


Hank's Take on the Race

Just spoke to Hank McGregor...

He said the conditions are windless and flat - it's a cloudy day and it's difficult to see what's happening outside the bay.  "We've been paddling for a couple of days here," he said, "and the current is just ridiculous!  One minute you're doing 10kph, the next you're doing 17!"

He said he'll take the race as it comes - but since Dawid's been here and won the race twice before, he may try to mark him and then work towards a sprint finish.

"I'm feeling great," he said. "You get a little anxious and I'm keen to race."

Danny Ching


Judy says that Danny Ching is the dark horse of the race.  He's the fastest OC-1 paddler on mainland USA, but no-one has seen what he can do in a surfski.  "He could be top 5," said Judy.

Sean and Chris Barlow


Chris and Sean Barlow
Chris and Sean Barlow - father & son team

Sean Barlow, at 14 years old, will be the youngest person on the water - by far.  He's following in his dad's footsteps and will be doing the short course today. 

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