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Rumors have been rife for a while that Nelo have been about to enter surfski market...  They launched their new spec ski last weekend in Portugal at the Nelo Summer Challenge in Azurara, Vila do Conde.


800m Lifesaving-style sprints

A stellar field turned out for the event with Olympic sprint medalists Tim Brabants (UK), Eirik Veraas Larsen (NOR), Ronald Rauhe (GER) taking on European K1 champion Ekaitz Saies (ESP), Swedish sprinter (2 x silver at the 2009 ICF Canoe/Kayak Sprint World Championships) Anders Gustafsson and a host of other stars. 

(See the event website for the full list of "names"!)


The event saw the paddlers competing in heats - each heat comprised a 400m sprint out through the surf to a turning buoy and back again.


The top five male paddlers from each of eight heats went forward to the semi-finals.  The top five from each of the semis went to the finals - twenty paddlers competed in the final race.  The women's event saw two heats, one semi and the final.


The top thirty men and women competed in teams of three for a relay event after the finals.


Prize money

First prize for the men was Euro2000, with money going all the way down to tenth place.  The winning woman also took home Euro2000, with the money going down to third place.


Great Job

"I thought they did a great job for their first event and I really enjoyed the skis," said Tim Brabants, who came 9th overall.  "A lot of fun in the waves!  

"I think next year they will include a longer distance event too," he went on. "Clearly the prize money isn't up to the levels that some of the races are offering now but it would be great to see some of the LD boys taking on the sprinters. It is certainly more evenly matched as the shorter distance gives us a chance too!"

Race Website

The race website, complete with all results, photos and video is at



1 Ekaitz Saies ESP 0:03:08.56  
2 Ronald Rauhe GER 0:03:16.98 0:00:08.42
3 Emanuel Silva POR 0:03:18.51 0:00:09.95
4 Mark Ressel GBR 0:03:19.39 0:00:10.83
5 David Fernandes POR 0:03:20.48 0:00:11.92
6 Glen Eldridge GBR 0:03:24.86 0:00:16.30
7 Eirik Larsen NOR 0:03:31.64 0:00:23.08
8 Henrique Silva POR 0:03:32.29 0:00:23.73
9 Tim Brabants GBR 0:03:32.55 0:00:23.99
10 David Green GBR 0:03:32.84 0:00:24.28



1 Jenna Hawkey GBR 0:03:24.87
2 Teresa Portela POR 0:03:35.37 0:00:10.50
3 Ana Pimenta POR 0:03:57.46 0:00:32.59
4 Emilie Fournel CAN 0:03:59.76 0:00:34.89
5 Katalin Kovacs HUN 0:04:09.60 0:00:44.73
6 Olatz Alkorta ESP 0:04:20.87 0:00:56.00
7 Joana Sousa POR 0:04:22.07 0:00:57.20
8 Natasa Janic HUN 0:05:01.45 0:01:36.58
9 Ines Costa POR 0:05:09.43 0:01:44.56
10 Anabbelle Vilaça POR 0:05:26.60 0:02:01.73


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