Eray & Bouman - Again! (Pics)

Sunday, 14 June 2009 13:25 | Written by  Gameplan Media
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Durban, 6 June 2009 - Matt Bouman survived a day of high drama, including  ploughing through fishing lines to claim his fifth successive win of the Durban winter Discovery Men's Health Surf Ski Series at the Discovery Winkelspruit Race.



Spectators lined the Winklespruit beach in chilly winter conditions to watch the line of competitors arrive at the finish after a long 23 km race from Scottburgh. Moments before the leaders arrived at the finish a shark was spotted by local paddler.

Bouman had a good start to the race, and took advantage of strong winds and kept close to the shoreline with brothers Oscar and Herman Chalupsky on his tail.


Two Old Fellas

"The race started off nicely as we had great winds, but then it went flat," said Bouman. "It was a good chase with these two old fellas (Oscar and Herman Chalupsky) on the inside and Barry (Lewin) on the outside," he said. Lewin was out of sight for the most of the race as he decided to take a wider line and managed to close in behind Bouman unexpectedly near Karridene.

All the top contenders where thrilled with the race as it provided a perfect training session for the Dunlop Surf Ski World Cup which is to be held mid-July in Durban. "This race is more in line with the World Cup course which is good for all of us," said Lewin.

"Today was a fun three-horse race," said Oscar Chalupsky. "It's great training for us for the World Cup and we had a few good waves."

Fishing lines

Bouman and Lewin both had themselves caught in fishing lines as they maneuvered around the rocks at the finish. "I had one that went around my neck and the other caught my rudder," said Bouman.

"Unfortunately I got myself caught up in a fishing line and actually had to bite it off to get through, which allowed Herman (Chalupsky) to finish second," said Lewin.


Michele Eray - Unbeatable

Michéle Eray claimed her fifth ladies title of the winter series which she is using as essential training for the World Championships later this year. "I didn't expect this race to be so much fun," said Eray. "When I woke up this morning and saw there wasn't any wind I was disappointed, but we've actually had great conditions today."

Eray kept a shallow line throughout the race and enjoyed catching a few waves on her way to the finish. Toti local Michelle Eder took a deeper line and came in second behind Eray. "I wished we had a bit more wind as it was quite difficult to keep my line," said an exhausted Eder.

The doubles race went to Gavin Searle and Quinton Rutherford and the mixed doubles race was claimed by Sean and Alison Uys. 

Pics by Anthony Grote - for more, go to





  1. Matt Bouman 01:28:43
  2. Herman Chalupsky 01:29:30
  3. Barry Lewin 01:29:49
  4. Oscar Chalupsky 01:30:54
  5. Oliver Burn 01:33:38
  6. Steve Woods 01:34:28
  7. Mark Mulder 01:34:53
  8. Grant van der Walt 01:36:54
  9. Mark Lewin 01:37:25
  10. Zoog Haynes 01:37:38


  1. Michèle Eray 01:40:13
  2. Michelle Eder 01:46:31
  3. Donna Winter 01:51:14

Double ski

  1. Gavin Searle / Quinton Rutherford 01:31:58
  2. Jaysen Golding / Marc Germiquet 01:34:07
  3. Richard Philips / Gary Clarke 01:35:05

Mixed Double ski

  1. Sean Uys / Alison Uys 01:42:50
  2. Sean Wisedale / Katherine Rowan 01:50:09 
  3. Michael Cousins / Judy Eder 01:54:49



  • 14 June HiQ Marine race, Durban
  • 20 June Scottburgh Winter Solstice Cyclelab race, Scottburgh
  • 28 June CMH Toyota Pirates Umhlanga Pirates, Durban
  • 5 July KZN Awnings Downwind, Amanzimtoti
  • 11 July Durban Surf Ski World Cup, Durban
  • 18 July Men's Health Scottburgh to Brighton


Full details of the series can be found at

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