Mockes Show their Mettle in Gale Force Brian's Kayaks Mellerware Grading Race

Tuesday, 20 October 2009 05:14 | Written by  Game Plan Media
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Cape Town, South Africa.  The summer Discovery Men's Health Surf Ski Series got under way on Sunday in dramatic fashion, as the Cape Doctor produced a 25kt South Easterly gale for the season starting grading race that always attracts plenty of novices and newcomers to the sport.



The short and long course races that made up the Brian's Kayaks Mellerware grading race started from the historic Simonstown's Long Beach and despite the difficult windy and choppy conditions, produced some thrilling racing.

Dawid Mocke Wins

Fish Hoek Lifesaving Club's 32 year old former national Iron-man champion Dawid Mocke annihilated a talented field of up-and-coming paddlers, winning the 12km race in just over sixty minutes.


What was sizing up to be a real duel between Mocke and his protégé, 22 year old Tom Schilperoort, fizzled out when the latter hit a snag with his paddle - the feather angle slipped just after he and Mocke had hit the front of the fleet at the end of the 6km first lap.

Mocke eventually won the men's long-course single-ski race by a comfortable 46 seconds margin from Schilperoort with Peninsula Canoe Club's ever-green Graeme Solomon a full two minutes further back in third place.



Testing Triangular Course

As has become the custom, race-organiser Billy Harker had set a testing triangular course, which turned at Noah's Ark Rock on the outward-leg, just off the Simonstown Naval Base harbour wall, followed by a thrilling three kilometre down-wind leg to a yellow turn-buoy anchored inshore off the 'battery-gun' cannon at Simonstown Naval base Museum.


Women's Race

A feature of the day's grading race was the come-back effort of Beijing Olympian K4 canoeist Nikki Mocke, wife of race winner Dawid Mocke, who recently gave birth to her first child Samuel in May. Second-placed Nikki gave ladies long-course single-ski winner Rebecca Newson a tough race with Milnerton's national-team Under 21 K1 ace Bianca Beavitt coming across the line in third spot.



Former world marathon championships K2 silver medallist Alexa Cole, was also an interesting long-course ladies single-ski entrant and managed fourth place, a good four minutes behind Fish Hoek Lifesaver Jackie Barnes in third.

The race also saw the surf ski debut of Stellenbosch University's student Robyn Kime, fresh from her victory in the national K1 river champs at the Hansa Powerade Fish River canoe marathon in Cradock a fortnight ago.

Next Race

The next series race is at the Langebaan Sports Festival, starting at 10h00 from in front of the sponsoring Driftwoods Restaurant, on Saturday morning 24th October 2009.


DISCOVERY MEN'S HEALTH SURF SKI SERIES - Brian's Kayaks Mellerware Grading race

Men 12 Km Single Ski Long Course

  1. Dawid Mocke 1:00:17
  2. Tom Schilperoort 1:00:53
  3. Graeme Solomon 1:02:4
  4. Peter Cole 1:03:18
  5. Rory Cole 1:05:07
  6. Justin Maddock 1:05:25
  7. Ian Trautman 1:05:25
  8. Adam Bothma 1:05:35

Women 12 Km Single Ski Long Course

  1. Rebecca Newson 1:17:36
  2. Nikki Mocke 1:19:52
  3. Bianca Beavitt 1:21:07
  4. Jackie Barnes 1:21:20
  5. Alexa Cole 1:25:10
  6. Kim Brugmann 1:32:04
  7. Angie Gaffney 1:35:52
  8. Robyn Kime 1:39:09

Mens Double Ski 12Kms Long Course

  1. Ernest van Riet/Heinrich Schloms 1:05:52
  2. Patrick & Andrew Birkett 1:07:19
  3. Craig Mockford/Kevin Goodspeed 1:18:02

Mixed Double Ski 12Kms Long Course

  1. Nils von Delft/Andrea Hugo 1:20:33
  2. David Murray/Michelle Leach-Lewis 1:52:191.

Sub-Veteran Men 35-40 Years Single Ski 12Kms Long Course

  1. Graeme Solomon 1:02:49
  2. Rory Cole 1::05:07
  3. Daniel Kantor 1:09:40

Veteran Men 41-45 Years 12kms Single Ski Long Course

  1. Peter Cole 1:03:18
  2. Ian Trautman 1:05:25
  3. Gary Cromie 1:09:43

Masters Men 46-50 Years 12Kms Single Ski

  1. Shaun Butler 1:14:29
  2. Paul Lange 1:18:36
  3. Gary Pepler 1:20:14

Sub-Grand Masters 51-60 Years 12 Kms Single Ski Long Course

  1. Rob McLean 1:21:15

D Grade 12Kms Long Course

  1. Paul Lange 1:18:36

C Grade 12 Kms Long Course

  1. Quentin Miller 1:12:26

B Grade 12 Kms Long Course

  1. Gavin White 1:06:43

Men 6 Kms Single Ski Short Course

  1. Seth Berrange 00:33:58
  2. Stuart Marais 00:35: 09
  3. Dave Hitchcock 00:35:57

Women 6Kms Single Ski Short Course

  1. Natasha Bracalle 00:38:42
  2. Jade D'Hutton 00:40:20
For more info on the series, see:

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