Carnage in PE, great photo sequences

Tuesday, 01 December 2009 01:49 | Written by  Richard von Wildemann
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[Editor: The paddlers in the Southern Shamaal PE to EL International Relay... take note of how not to come in through surf!]

If you can imagine a perfect "surfski" day then 28 November was that day, blue sunny skies and one of those surprise swells that 'pop' up out of nowhere greeted the field for Port Elizabeth's last series race for 2009.


The beach had an extra 'buzz' to it due to the inviting weather and prime ocean conditions, added to that the local top dogs had a visitor to contended with in form of Bevan Manson, a resident of East London for the past year and SA Team member for the Southern Shamaal.

The expected South Easterly of 15 knots was nowhere to be found come the start of the race at 9am.

The Course

Set by experienced Ocean Paddler, ex International Tri-athlete and World Renowned Ecologist, Andrew Skowno, took paddlers to the Bell Buoy, Hume Wood Pylons, Bell Buoy and finishing back at the Summer Strand Surf Lifesaving Club in a triangular course.


Little bumps aided the paddlers on the downward stretches from the Buoy to Hume Wood and on the home stretch back to the club.

From the start Manson took control and put down an interval which even had the doubles 'holding' on to his wash, "It was hard out there today, very hot with very little help!" said an elated Manson after the race. Local series leader Richard von Wildemann put in an impressive charge, but was unable to finish ahead of his strong teammate for next weekend's Southern Shamaal Relay Challenge. "Well done to Bevan, he raced superbly, I struggled with the heat and was unable to match his rate on the course!'



Super Vet

Surprise Package of the Day was none other than Andrew Carter taking third place overall ahead of the form local 'pack!'

Another surprise of the day was the clean 6 ft swell that was 'running' into Algoa Bay and provided excellent spectator viewing and gave every paddler a test coming into the finish.

Galleries - all pics by Richard von Wildemann

Gallery 1: The women show how it's done. 


Gallery 2: "Paddler eaten alive by wave"


Gallery 3: Ski "eaten alive by wave"


Gallery 4: Chilling in PE


Congratulations to all involved in making the Port Elizabeth Discovery Men's Health Series a success, well done to all the paddlers, a big thanks to all the sponsors and seconds who support the paddlers throughout the season.

Till Next Year - Happy Holidays and Happy Paddling

SUMMARY OF RESULTS- PE Lighthouse Wave Special


Men's Singles Long Course Men

  1. Bevan Manson 00:58:20
  2. Richard von Wildemann 00:58:22
  3. Andrew Carter 01:02:10
  4. Hein van Rooyen 01:02:26
  5. Andrew Skowno 01:02:46
  6. Howard Loftus 01:02:51
  7. Craig Walland 01:03:50
  8. Andrew Stone 01:04:14
  9. Scott Johnson 01:05:27
  10. Keith Theron 01:05:34

Long Course Ladies

  1. Kirstin Wessels 01:18:27
  2. Nicky Roote 01:18:36
  3. Kim Strydom 01:27:07


  1. Ryan Louw and Mark Bosch 01:00:08
  2. Dirk Ellis and Haydn Skinner 01:11:33

Long Course Junior

  1. Jason Aubin 01:07:57
  2. Luke McNish 01:08:00

Ladies Doubles

  1. Kerry Louw and Cathy Hustler 01:12:00

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