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Friday, 18 December 2009 13:23 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Newly-crowned world surfski champion Dawid Mocke lines up tomorrow for the biggest Fenn Cape Point Challenge in history – hunting down a victory to crown a year of phenomenal success.

OwenM_081220_CapePointChallenge 050

Dawid Mocke - 2nd in 2008 Fenn Cape Point Challenge (Pic: Owen Middleton)

Dawid won the race in 2005, clinched 3rd place in 2003, 4th in 2007 and 2nd last year and sees his most formidable competitors tomorrow as former victor Paul Marais, the legendary Pete Cole, younger brother Jasper and the evergreen K1 champ Graeme Solomon.

“The Cape Point for me is absolutely the ultimate ocean paddling race,” he said on Friday.

“There is not one challenge you won’t encounter along the way - be it fitness, massive waves, headwind, downwind, navigation ...this race tests ALL your abilities to the max. It’s the truest test of a surfski paddler.

“A win here will be the perfect end to a great year.”

Dawid’s one mistake in years past was going around South Western Reefs in 2003 and loosing the bunch who went though – an error he won’t be repeating.

The conditions may prevent a sneak around the point, however – with the wind predicted to be cranking into the outside cliffs at a good 13 knots, in the same direction as the 3.3m swell.

Race organiser Pete Cole reported the largest-ever field – 250 padders, up by 25% on last year.

“There are entrants from all over SA – Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Joburg, as well as the UK, Dubai, Australia and other countries,” he said.

He added the names of Sean Rice, Scott Rutherford and Richard von Wildemann to Dawid’s list of favourites, with Michelle Eray and Rebecca Newson as the women he most expected on the podium.


OwenM_081220_CapePointChallenge 080

Michele Eray (right) during the 2008 race.  (Alexa Cole, left is not paddling this year) (Pic: Owen Middleton)

The advise he offered to paddlers was: “Stay outside the kelp because of the swell – although this could add a few kms to the 50km course.”

The race starts at the crack of dawn, 5am, with the slowest paddlers departing Scarborough first, headed south for the Point, before turning north for the distant finish at Fish Hoek.


OwenM_081220_CapePointChallenge 006

Starting at the crack of dawn... (Pic: Owen Middleton)


Sunday, 21 December 2008 09:07 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Here's our video of the Fenn Cape Point Challenge.  (For best results, click Play and then PAUSE and go make yourself a cup of coffee so that the whole file downloads. Then click Play again and the clip won't keep stopping...)  Enjoy!


Saturday, 20 December 2008 17:56 | Category : Latest Surfski News

There was really only one question for me today - would Hank McGregor shrug off the fatigue of the 240km Southern Shamaal PE2EL Challenge and pose any kind of challenge  to the on-form, rested Dawid Mocke?  The answer was emphatic...


Friday, 19 December 2008 15:24 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Here's what we're hoping to acheive with tomorrow's coverage...  We're on an escort boat and will be talking to a friend, Tam, who will be onshore and typing some updates on  Owen Middleton is taking photos and I'll be capturing some video images.


Thursday, 18 December 2008 17:07 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Two magnificent races take place this weekend - the Epic 20 Beaches in Sydney, Australia, and the 48km Fenn Cape Point Challenge in South Africa.  And each has attracted the cream of the national surfski racers...


Sunday, 08 January 2006 11:09 | Category : Tips & Techniques

(by Rob Mousley - updated 15/01/2006

After the 56km 2005 Men’s Health Cape Point Challenge, I asked a couple of the top paddlers how they go about training – for this race and long distance events in general.  Here’s what they had to say…

Sunday, 18 December 2005 11:48 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Cape Town, South Africa: 17 Dec 2005 

Trained and Anxious

Photo: Alain JaquesIn February this year, Dawid Mocke asked me what my goals were for the year.  "Well," I said, "last year I wanted to get to B-grade in Billy's races.  I achieved that in the last race that I did.  I think this year I'd like to do the Cape Point Challenge."


Thursday, 15 December 2005 12:26 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Cape Town, South Africa, Dec 2005

The Cape Point Challenge is looming...  Saturday at 05h00 local time the first batches will set off on the 56km journey from Soetwater to Fish Hoek.

The forecast is firming; looks like a moderate (i.e. 15-20kt) southerly wind.  There was a storm some time ago in the Southern Ocean which has sent a pulse of big swell (4m at 05h00, 5m by 08h00) our way.

Sunday, 13 November 2005 18:20 | Category : Latest Surfski News

1an.jpgA group of paddlers has been training for the Cape Point Challenge under the tutelage of Dawid Mocke. Last Friday he took us out onto the course to do the full 56km… Here’s the story.

On Thursday evening the group of intrepid paddlers met at Fish Hoek to put the surf skis onto the trailer that was going to be used the next day. Everyone was a little tense, including coach Dawid who seemed very focussed – perhaps he was feeling the responsibility for taking a bunch of novices through the Point… Then it was home to have supper. I’d previously mentioned to my wife apropos of nothing at all that Dawid had said that he always eats steak the night before a big race… The hint struck gold & a hearty steak washed down with a good Cape red made the ideal preparatory meal.

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