Thursday, 30 June 2011 07:49 | Category : Latest Surfski News

[Editor: Having come a highly creditable sixth in the Dunlop Surfski World Cup in Durban, South Africa, Barry Lewin is in Mauritius for the 2011 Island Shamaal.  He’s not finding it tough on the island…]

Thursday, 30 June 2011 06:49 | Category : Latest Surfski News

When staying on an exotic Island in a first class resort it’s pretty hard to get your mind around racing a ski for 20 odd kilometres.

Friday, 25 February 2011 08:07 | Category : Latest Surfski News

For surfski paddlers looking for fun in the sun...  start making your bookings!  Some of the best downwind paddling in the world (as well as diving, fishing, mountain biking, sailing, you name it)...  Bookings are already pouring in from Australia, South Africa and Europe.

Sunday, 12 September 2010 12:54 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Although the race didn't have the expected fabulous downwind conditions (a cyclone south of the island disrupted the usually reliable trade winds), there was plenty of drama as the paddlers negotiated the reefs during the 28km Island Shamaal Mauritius Ocean Classic!

Friday, 10 September 2010 21:23 | Category : Latest Surfski News

The right ‘and side of the pass is extremely dangerous,” said Dominic Henry as he briefed an anxious group of paddlers this morning.  They were on their way out from Les Pavillons to scout the channel through the reef for tomorrow’s race.

Thursday, 09 September 2010 20:06 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Hank McGregor, Jeremy Cotter and Tom Schilperoort diced most of the warm-up race before being split up by the waves in the channel through the reef just before the finish...

Wednesday, 08 September 2010 20:13 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Another great day – more paddlers, more paddling.  And while the paddlers were doing their thing, a large contingent of surfski WAGs went diving...  (No photos - sorry!)

Tuesday, 07 September 2010 17:21 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Today’s northerly wind resulted in our trying a new downwind route (new for me at any rate) – and a squad of about twenty of us were bussed to Tamarin to paddle 16km downwind to Le Morne.

Tuesday, 06 July 2010 08:43 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Shamaal (noun):  1. Desert Storm 2. The biggest surfski race in history 3. Growing international surfski racing series (3 races in 2010)

Sunday, 02 August 2009 14:45 | Category : Latest Surfski News

It's not that things got out of hand - far from it - it's just that they didn't go nearly according to plan. The day after the inaugural Mauritius Ocean Challenge, I sat at a yacht club in Grand Baie, beer in hand, staring out at water as blue the bluest tiles in Paul Newman's bathroom.

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