NY Mayor's Cup - Aborted

Sunday, 19 October 2008 16:21 | Written by
In a sad turn of events, the NY authorities stopped the NY Mayor's Cup about an hour into the race.  It was cold and windy and choppy - and too much for some of the competitors.When kayakers started capsizing, the Coast Guard made the call to abandon the event. New…
Come inside for information on where to find the live coverage; the Championchip GPS Tracking, etc. We'll be commentating from about 12h00 NY Time (6pm SA time).

Phatwater Race Report

Thursday, 16 October 2008 16:25 | Written by
The only certainty we can offer concerning this pastSaturday's Phatwater Kayak Challenge, VII, is that the four hour barrier is nomore.  You've read the times and seen theresults by now—at least in-as-much as Steve Woods, Bevan Manson, Mike Herbertand Erik Borgnes are concerned, and the mighty 4 has fallen.  Show me…
South Africans Steve Woods and Bevan Manson broke all records with their sub-4 hour times for the 42.5mile (68km) Phatwater Challenge on the Mississippi River. Bevan Manson (Durban, South Africa-Black Cap), foreground, and Steve Woods(blond, also from Durban), background, at about mile 40 of the 42.5 mile Phatwater Kayak Challenge,…

NY Mayor’s Cup – Massive Party, Stellar Field

Monday, 13 October 2008 10:23 | Written by
"We're breaking new ground in every way," enthused NY Mayor's Cup race director Ray Fusco.  "We've got some of the best paddlers in world coming; we've got 200 Championchip GPS tracking units; we've got race commentary; we've even got the NY fire dept's Regina Wilson here to sing our…

Newsflash: Mocke wins in Chicago

Saturday, 27 September 2008 15:44 | Written by
Breaking news...  Dawid Mocke won the 2nd Chicago Shoreline Marathon in a sprint finish and a time of 3:11. Dawid Mocke wins the 2008 Chicago Shoreline Marathon (Pic: Adam Nevill)

Internationals set for Chicago Shoreline Marathon

Tuesday, 23 September 2008 14:42 | Written by
There's a great lineup for the second Chicago Shoreline Marathon this weekend - South Africans Dawid & Nikki Mocke and Steve Woods have continued their tour from San Francisco; last year's winner Erik Borgnes will be there as will our favorite adventure writer, New Yorker Joe Glickman. Lake Michigan Chop…

US Champs Results & Photos ** video **

Sunday, 21 September 2008 07:51 | Written by
Speculation was rife before the race – what tactics would the top paddlers employ in the tricky currents of San Francisco Bay? South Africans Hank McGregor and Dawid Mocke, the race favorites, both have a reputation for charging off the start line. US Surfski Championships women's champion Nikki Mocke (Pic:…

US Champs - Live Coverage Transcript

Sunday, 21 September 2008 06:56 | Written by
20 Sep 2008 San Francisco: "It was a tight tactical race, right from the beginning," said an exhausted Dawid Mocke. He'd just finished the 2008 edition of the US Surfski Championships... coming second to a rampant Hank McGregor. Hank McGregor on his way to win the 2008 US Champs (Pic:…

US Champs – Pre-Race ** Updated **

Saturday, 20 September 2008 13:52 | Written by
Our contact Judy Barker is down at the start area right now - and she's sending us pics & video clips from her mobile phone.  Over the next hour or so we'll be collecting and editing them.  Then we'll upload them to and you'll be able to watch them…

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