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Zsolt Ski (Hawaii, USA) -
Zsolt Ski (Hawaii, USA)

Zsolt Ski (Hawaii, USA)

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Zsolt Szadovszki

Contact Info

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Phone Number
+1 808 631 8070


Postal Code
HI 96815

Zsolt Szadovszki is a ex-Olympian with many years of surfski paddling and coaching experience.  He is also a local representative for Epic Kayaks in Hawaii.

Zsolt offers:

  • Group Training
  • Technique Clinics
  • Personal Coaching

Zsolt also rents surfskis for the annual Molokai Challenge.

Group Training

These sessions are based on sprint flat water training drills and targets on Epic Surfskis, outrigger and kayak racers.  We will meet on the shore; divide into groups based on the exercises for the day, then hit the water.  I will have a motorboat to assist the group session and provide some individual technique feedback.  The exercises will vary, but will include mostly interval training, and laps.

This is definitely not for beginners, it is for racers with intermediate experience and up, come check it out and see if it works for you.

Technique Clinics

Technique clinics are held on the water, with a maximum of 6 people in the group.  We will go through the basic steps on shore and then head out.  In these clinics, I will check your technique and then we will go through the steps of the forward stroke, which breaks down the full kayak motion into 8 pieces:

Four Positions:  Recovery, Entry, Vertical, Exit

Four Phases:  Reach, Power Core Pull, Power Arm Pull, Lift

We will personalize and develop your stroke in the clinic.  There are three different technique clinics offered:

  • Beginner Clinics:  When you’ve got the desire, and are ready to learn.  We will work to increase your stability and confidence.
  • Intermediate Clinics:  When you’ve got confidence in your boat (ski) then it is time to move on and make your stroke steady.  We will work to develop your forward stroke
  • Advanced:  When you’ve got a strong stroke, but you want to go faster.  We will work to build on your stroke by developing its advantage in terms of speed. 

Personal Coaching 

I am here to personally help you.  The idea for this allows us enough time to really go deep into your personal strokes.  I believe we all have our own style of paddling technique.  Personal coaching allows for us to help work on and bring out the most effective paddling that fits you naturally.

There are two basic parts;  paddling and assessment.  There will be continuous physical assessments of your skills and ability.  We will discuss where you currently are, where you are trying to go, and work on the plan to help you get there.  We will spend a lot of time paddling together to really focus on your personal stroke development.

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