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Friday, 20 January 2006 08:08 | Written by
(First published in SA Paddler Jun/Jul 2005) Going downwind is not as easy as some might make it look.  It takes lots of practice and definitely a fair bit of experience.  Here are a couple of tips to get you on your way.
Sunday, 08 January 2006 11:09 | Written by
(by Rob Mousley - updated 15/01/2006)  After the 56km 2005 Men’s Health Cape Point Challenge, I asked a couple of the top paddlers how they go about training – for this race and long distance events in general.  Here’s what they had to say…
Wednesday, 21 December 2005 18:16 | Written by
(First published in SA Paddler, April/May 2005) When it comes to ocean racing there are a number of things that one needs to master to get ahead in the game.  One of the biggest challenges facing any paddler is the SURF ZONE….Here are some pointers which can save you from having…
Thursday, 15 December 2005 02:00 | Written by
(Editor: thanks to Nico de Wet for a fresh viewpoint on Getting Started!) Firstly the assumptions: your leisure time is limited and cash is a factor in your quest to be involved in surfskiing. You are probably a student, young professional  trying to impress by burning the midnight oil, or…
Friday, 09 December 2005 19:06 | Written by
If you're paddling on the open ocean, it's generally considered a Good Thing to be carrying a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch (like the Aquapac).But, who do you call?  The National Sea Rescue Institiute has a new emergency number valid for the entire country: 082911.  Memorise it.  And store…
Friday, 09 December 2005 17:13 | Written by
(By Rob Mousley)A perennial debate in Surf Ski circles is about the use (or not) of leashes.  This article discusses:When you should consider using a leashWhat types of leash are availableHow you use a leashWhy you should you use a leash
Friday, 02 December 2005 13:48 | Written by
This is the third part of our Getting Started series. The earlier articles dealt with the basics of surf ski equipment and safety. It's time to get on the water...
Friday, 02 December 2005 13:45 | Written by
This, the second article in a series on Getting Started in Surf Ski, covers the basics of safety. Future articles will go into more depth, and will discuss safety measures when paddling offshore, for example.
Friday, 02 December 2005 13:42 | Written by
This is the first in a series of articles about Getting Started in Surf Ski; it covers the basic equipment that you'll need and gives suggestions on how and where to find it. Note that most shops that sell skis offer good advice to beginners; talk to them. Other sources…
Friday, 02 December 2005 13:37 | Written by
(By Rob Mousley, with input from surf ski paddlers around the globe. Grateful thanks to all who contributed.) For the purposes of this Getting Started Guide, we'll assume that you've never paddled before. We'll also assume that you can swim and that you can hold your breath and dive under…
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