Radical Red7 **more pics**

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 18:46 | Written by  Jean Mars Tavignot
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Jean Mars' radically modified Red7 Surf70 Pro! Jean Mars' radically modified Red7 Surf70 Pro! Credits: Jean Mars Tavignot

[Editor: When Jean Mars Tavignot tried out his new Red7 Surf 70 Pro in downwind conditions, he was not pleased; his 10 year old Fenn Millenium handled the short steep Mediterranean waves better!  Nothing daunted, he took out his toolbox…]

Mako Millenium to Red7

I paddled for the previous ten years on a MAKO Millenium and 2 years ago when a paddler friend decided to change his Mako for a RED7 I did the same.

But I was a bit disappointed: the RED7 was lighter, more nervous on flat water but in downwind conditions, I preferred my old MAKO (with a custom rudder!)

So, because I love the shape of the RED7, I decided to make it at least as good as the MAKO for big surfing conditions.

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Sawn-off tail

Radical Red7

With the help of a friend who’s a specialist in composite materials, I cut 60cm off the tail and re-designed it.  The aim was to find a shape that improves handling and allows the wave to push it. (I paddle in Mediterranean Sea and the waves are short and often close together).

Rudder moved forward

Then I moved the rudder 85cm forward because it was less effective with the short tail. I made a shaft from the old control to the new and I installed it all with stainless bearings.

Elliptical Rudder

The elliptical rudder was effective but made the ski unstable...

After numerous experiments, I chose an elliptical fin (tuned from a windsurfer model) that I can tune back and forth to get the best balance at high speed. The handling and the speed were good but the boat sometimes had sharp reactions when I tried to turn while at high speed downwind, and the boat was very tippy.

Radical Red7  Radical Red7

The new rudder's tiller is attached the old fittings

Dagger board/fin

Discussing with a friend who sails on small boats, we realised that we had the same problems, trying to have a very responsive boat but with very low drag, so I made a rocker box between the scuppers to put an elliptical fin. This make the boat more stable and slower to roll and unexpectedly, it turns very tightly without losing speed.

Radical Red7

The dagger board/fin under the cockpit

Radical Red7

Great Performance

I haven't noticed any reduction of speed (I use a gps) but now it performs better than the MAKO. To complete the work, I made some (useful) cosmetic changes: new carbon pedals; a wave deflector and an awesome paint job by a friend. I finally have the boat I've wanted! 

Radical Red7

Radical paint job for the Radical Red7!

Since then, every paddle is pure happiness! The RED7 has been renamed RED7S with a "S" for special, short or surf...

Radical Red7


Humble paddler from NICE (FRANCE)

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