Tips: Training

Tips: Training

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Roei Yellin on Resistance Training

Friday, 20 January 2017 10:05 | Written by
“CAUTION – EXTRA GEEKY PADDLE POST,” read the introduction to Roei’s posts on Facebook. Roei is a geek – but he’s also been an Olympic grade paddler, a professional coach and is now sales director for Motionize, the world’s first affordable paddle tracking system. The posts caused plenty of interest…
Resistance training is often not practised correctly... Resistance training is often not practised correctly...

How to: Strengthen those core muscles

Sunday, 20 May 2012 10:13 | Written by
[Editor: can't get enough of this - core strength is absolutely key to paddling fitness.  Whitewater Professional Kim Russell kindly let us re-publish this article she posted on the Wavesport site.  Not only that, but she's written some great stuff about rotator cuff injury recovery and general sholder strengthening...  and…

Core Strengthening Exercises for Paddlers

Wednesday, 07 July 2010 19:16 | Written by
The art of mastering surfski paddling is in learning to balance. The ocean is never flat and even on the calmest days there are bumps out at sea or waves breaking on the shore.  Balance is absolutely crucial to your performance, whether you’re a novice or a pro.
The "core" of surfski The "core" of surfski Credits:

Atrial Fibrillation and the Athlete

Sunday, 25 April 2010 16:48 | Written by
Have you ever raced and felt that you were about to explode? I mean really, really felt that way? Ever thought your heart rate monitor was on the blink, giving you spurious readings? Ever found it difficult to measure your own heart rate manually? Have you ever noticed your pulse…
ECG of atrial fibrillation (top) and sinus rhythm (bottom). The purple arrow indicates a P wave, which is lost in atrial fibrillation.(J. Heuser via Wikipedia). ECG of atrial fibrillation (top) and sinus rhythm (bottom). The purple arrow indicates a P wave, which is lost in atrial fibrillation.(J. Heuser via Wikipedia).
Dean Gardiner confessed at an ocean paddlers’ forum that he has completed the epic Molokai Challenge - which he has won nine times - while consuming as little as half a litre of water.
Hydration tips from the experts Hydration tips from the experts
If you've ever wondered whether you really need to be exactly in synch with your doubles partner - read on.  Turns out that the answer is an emphatic YES - but there's more...
Doubles in synch! Doubles in synch! Credits: Owen Middleton

Hank McGregor: "Poetry in Motion"

Sunday, 08 July 2007 09:17 | Written by
Hank McGregor took part in a recent event as number four in a relay team - the anchor man.  As he paddled out, the commentator said, "... Hank McGregor... look at that action on the water ladies and gentlemen, poetry in motion..." We took some video of Hank as he…

Oscar on Training

Thursday, 08 February 2007 15:08 | Written by
[Editor: Oscar Chalupsky was recently asked a series of questions about training by a paddler in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.  Here are they are with answers from the big O.]

Oscar's Training Guide for the PE to EL Challenge

Tuesday, 12 September 2006 20:22 | Written by
Who's Ready for Pure Core?   One of the single toughest physical events anywhere in the world is approaching - the longest, most gruelling surfski race anywhere. You guessed it, the Surf Ski Challenge, Port Elizabeth to East London. It's nothing but pure hardcore racing over four days between two…

Training for the Intermediate Paddler Part II

Sunday, 03 September 2006 10:17 | Written by
In this follow-up to his first article Mark Lewin shares his thoughts on training - specifically for non-elite paddlers.  There should be a different approach to getting fit if the main event you are training for is a one day or a multi day event. (Scottburgh to Brighton), as opposed…
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