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Fajardo, Puerto Rico, 7 June 2009:   The Puerto Rico Ocean Racing together with the Federation of Canoe & Kayaks of Puerto Rico, organized a 12 mile triangle between the coast of Fajardo and the Islands of Icacos and Palominos in front of the five-star El Conquistador Resort Hotel.


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I walked into the hotel bar on Saturday night and found Ian Gray nursing a beer, reclining as far back in the high-backed chair as he could without slipping off.

Culebra 2008 - Ian Gray wins
Ian Gray wins the 2008 Culebra Challenge

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Friday, 07 March 2008 00:00

Culebra - Stuart Knagg's Race

Weekend in Puerto Rico!

The Culebra Challenge is the second in a series of races held in the Caribbean, the first being the North Coast Challenge in Trinidad and the other two races later in the year in St Maarten and Guadeloupe.

Ian Gray Culebra Challenge 2008
Ian Gray (race winner) lauches down a wave mid-channel (Pic: Harry Negron)

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Ian Gray sent us some photos of the 2nd Culebra Challenge in Puerto Rico yesterday, 2 March 2008.  The course went from Culebra Island, 24 miles off the coast downwind to Puerto del Rey.

Via Instant Messenger, Ian Gray raved about the race: "What an awesome downwind race!!!" he said. "This place is just incredible for sursfki paddling!"

Culebra Challenge 2008 - start
Culebra Challenge 2008 Start

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April 2006, Puerto Rico: [Warm water, a 20 knot following wind, six foot waves, a twenty four mile race across open ocean… could this be surf ski paradise? Are we talking Hawaii?  Well, actually no – but the organizers hope that this race, the Culebra Kayak Challenge could grow to become a “Caribbean Molokai” and be included in future race calendars as a World Cup event.

The 1st annual Culebra Kayak Challenge was held April 9, 2006 and this race report was sent in by DeAnne Hemmens who was there with husband and fellow competitor Patrick. 

The spectacular photos are couresy of race organiser Greg Hernandez - look out for a video clip in the near future.]

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