Dawid Mocke wins 2010 US Surfski Champs

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Dawid Mocke - winner of the 2010 US Surfski Champs Dawid Mocke - winner of the 2010 US Surfski Champs

As we hit the final stretch to the finish, my shoulder muscles were in agony; my fingers felt as though they were about to fall off; my breath was coming in short gasps.... and I was just typing the commentary...

Super-tight Racing

We’ll have some interviews and better info from the paddlers’ point of view (and some photos I hope!) later but suffice to say that the US Champs was harder fought this year than ever before.  For the last 14km, it was anyone’s race – nail biting stuff as Jeremy Cotter, Shannon Eckstein and Dawid Mocke traded wave for wave... until at last the South African managed to pull ahead a couple of boat lengths.

Conditions were perfect – cool with a brisk 14-20kt westerly.  The current was running out of the bay at about 1kt.

First leg – Fort Baker to Pt Bonita and back again.

Going 7km into the wind, the front pack quickly settled down with Ben Allen (Aus) pulling most of the way, flanked by Dawid Mocke (SA) and Jeremy Cotter (Aus).  In the mix were Sean Rice (SA), Tony Schumacher (Aus) and Shannon Eckstein (Aus).  Although Mark Anderson (Aus) fell back a little, he seemed to find a better line a little further out into the channel.

US Surfski Champs

The front six

Allen was first around the windward mark – but the pack exploded as each paddler attempted to find the best line back to Fort Baker, where the $1,000 Fenn Hotspot waited next to the harbour wall.

US Surfski Champs

Turning the Pt. Bonita bouy

When the paddlers reassembled at the north pillar of the Golden Gate bridge and turned left into the calm protected waters, it was Jeremy Cotter who sprinted to the hotspot buoy, closely followed by Shannon Eckstein, Dawid Mocke and Sean Rice.

Ben Allen and Tony Schumacher were 100m or so behind in a race for fifth place.

Game On – 14km to the finish

From Fort Baker the four men headed for a buoy at the southernmost tip of Angel Island.  Cotter and Eckstein paddled together on a line slightly further to the north; Mocke and Rice were headed slightly south, on a more direct line for the finish.

US Surfski Champs

Eckstein and Cotter paddled most of the way together

Half way to the buoy, Rice fell back.  For a while it looked as though Mocke had taken a line that was too aggressive and although he was ahead, he’d have to swing back north to pass the buoy.  Rice was soon on a middle line between Mocke and the two Aussies; then Dawid started easing over.

By the time they passed the Angel Island buoy, the front three were within spitting distance.  Cotter rounded the buoy first; then Eckstein; then Mocke.  Rice was now about 100m back.

9km to go

Again Mocke took a more southerly line – but the three men were level pegging – one would surge ahead momentarily, then another would catch a run and pass.

Eckstein and Cotter were close together; Mocke about 50m to their right.

Eckstein powered ahead; now it was Eckstein, Cotter, Mocke.  Cotter seemed to increase his cadence, trying to break the other two...

4km from the finish and now it was Cotter, Eckstein with Mocke chasing from behind.  Rice went left looking for something magic further north.  For a while it seemed to work and he made ground on the leaders.  But then he had to swing back to head to the finish and it was race over.  “I’m not sure what happened,” he said afterwards.  “It just seemed to slow down – maybe I was just tired!”

The conditions were perfect – clean 3-4ft runs, the wind and waves directly behind the paddlers.  Miss a run and you’re dead.

US Surfski Champs

There were a few other boats on the bay...

3km to go

Mocke linked together three or four swells and shot into the lead.  Now Eckstein moved to the right – and it looked for a while as though he might be on a more direct line to the finish.

Mocke leading; 20m back Cotter on his left; Eckstein on the far right.  Mocke surged forward again – Eckstein also.   Now it was Mocke, with Eckstein some 20m and 30m to his right – would Eckstein convert his line?  Cotter now 40m back.

The sea was suddenly covered in yachts and windsurfers.  Mocke had to swerve around the back of a 25ft sailboat; Eckstein was nearly hit by a windsurfer...

The seas were now getting a little more technical – the wind swinging to the right and some chop hitting the paddlers side-on.

All three seemed to pick up the tempo even more as they sprinted for the line.

1 Mocke, 2 Eckstein, 3 Cotter.... 400m and then Rice in fourth.  What a race!

US Surfski Champs

Back row, L to R: Jeremy Cotter (3rd), Sean Rice (4th), Ben Allen (6th)

Front row, L to R: Shannon Eckstein (2rd), Tony Schumacher (5th), Dawid Mocke (1st)

Photos, Interviews, Rambo’s video...

...will be up when we get ‘em.


US Surfski Champs

PosNameLocationTimeDivisionDivision Place
1 Dawid Mocke Cape Town, South Africa 01:57:42 OP 1st
2 Shannon Eckstein Queensland, Australia 01:57:54 OP 2nd
3 Jeremy Cotter Queensland, Australia 01:58:03 OP 3rd
4 Sean Rice Cape Town, South Africa 02:00:19 OP 4th
5 Tony Schumacher Sydney, NSW Australia 02:02:33 OP 5th
6 Ben Allen Queensland, Australia 02:03:17 OP ,
7 Mark Anderson NSW Australia 02:04:57 OP  
8 Greg Barton Seattle, Washington, USA 02:09:13 SM 1st
9 Robert Barry NSW Australia 02:09:34 MS 1st
10 Philippe Boccara San Diego, California, USA 02:12:29 SM 2nd
11 Rich Sprout Costa Mesa, California, USA 02:12:46 OP  
12 Patrick Hemmens Costa Mesa, California, USA 02:13:24 MS 2nd
13 Carter Johnson Sausalito, California, USA 02:13:31 OP  
14 Rami Zur Costa Mesa, California, USA 02:14:05 OP  
15 John Burrows NSW Australia 02:14:38 SM 3rd
16 Gareth Tudor-Jones Victoria, BC, Canada 02:14:44 OP  
17 Jonas Hudson Victoria, BC, Canada 02:15:45 OP  
18 Reid Hyle DeLand, Florida, USA 02:15:55 OP  
19 Gabriel Newton Seattle, Washington, USA 02:16:05 OP  
20 Tony Calderon Lahaina, Hawaii, USA 02:16:47 MS 3rd
21 Robin Graham Atherton, California, USA 02:18:12 OP  
22 Andrew Dunstan Dubai, UAE 02:18:48 OP  
23 Don Kiesling Seattle, Washington, USA 02:20:21 OP  
24 Rich Long San Clemente, California, USA 02:20:49 MS 4th
25 Cliff Meidl Hawthorne, California, USA 02:21:49 MS 5th
26 Dan Yoder Dana Point, California, USA 02:22:25 OP  
27 Shane Martin Victoria, BC, Canada 02:22:26 OP  
28 Casey Owens San Diego, California, USA 02:22:30 MS  
29 Chris Stout Monterey, California, USA 02:23:15 MS  
30 David Jacobson Bellingham, Washington, USA 02:24:06 OP  
31 Corry Fitzgibbons Costa Mesa, California, USA 02:24:18 MS  
32 Thomas Yonley Houston, Texas, USA 02:24:38 OP  
33 Jack Kraus San Clemente, California, USA 02:24:55 SM 4th
34 Daryl Remmler North Vancover, BC, Canada 02:25:17 MS  
35 Dylan Thomas Princeville, Hawaii, USA 02:25:51 OP  
36 Kenny Stanic North Vancover, BC, Canada 02:25:57 MS  
37 Craig Tanner Benicia, California, USA 02:25:58 SM 5th
38 Bob Lambrose Antioch, California, USA 02:26:02 SM  
39 Barry Born Bonsell, California, USA 02:26:24 SM  
40 Morris Arthur Bellingham, Washington, USA 02:26:41 MS  
41 Brian Kummer San Clemente, California, USA 02:26:49 MS  
42 Geoff Graf Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 02:27:06 SM  
43 Mike Mcnulty Boulder Creek, California, USA 02:27:17 MS  
44 Kenny Howell Montara, California, USA 02:27:25 MS  
45 Kirk Christensen Bellingham, Washington, USA 02:27:46 MS  
46 Jerry Merayo Los Angeles, California, USA 02:28:22 OP  
47 Bob Putnam North Vancover, BC, Canada 02:28:30 SM  
48 Matt Kelly Vancouver, BC, Canada 02:29:43 MS  
49 Dean Jordaan Atlanta, Georgia, USA 02:30:48 OP  
50 Tim Lawson San Clemente, California, USA 02:30:50 MS  
51 Reivers Dustin Bellingham, Washington, USA 02:31:20 SM  
52 Jeff Schwing Oakland, California, USA 02:31:32 MS  
53 Warren Bruce North Vancover, BC, Canada 02:32:30 SM  
54 DeAnne Hemmens Costa Mesa, California, USA 02:32:35 W 1st
55 Steve Kaspar Martinez, California, USA 02:32:41 SM  
56 Paul Jacob San Diego, California, USA 02:33:09 SM  
57 Nathan Middleton Nanaimo, BC, Canada 02:33:30 MS  
58 John Abrahams Duluth, Minnesota, USA 02:33:44 MS  
59 John Dye San Rafael, California, USA 02:34:01 MS  
60 Jim Micheaels Sacramento, California, USA 02:34:33 SM  
61 Rusty Sage Reno, Nevada, USA 02:35:47 OP  
62 Ed Visser Los Angeles, California, USA 02:37:00 SM  
63 Mike Singleton Livermore, California, USA 02:37:06 OP  
64 Vineet Buch Foster City, California, USA 02:37:26 OP  
65 Hide Kameyama Higashiura, Japan 02:37:42 OP  
66 Jeff Hegedus Bellingham, Washington, USA 02:37:48 SM  
67 Paul Hansen Vancouver, BC, Canada 02:39:31 MS  
68 Larry Goolsby Bellingham, Washington, USA 02:39:58 SM  
69 Olaf Beckmann Saint Helena, California, USA 02:40:00 MS  
70 Bruce Fincher Ventura, California, USA 02:40:21 SM  
71 Andy Howell Englewood, Colorado, USA 02:41:29 OP  
72 Penny Locke NSW Australia 02:41:36 W 2nd
73 Rod Hope Vancouver, BC, Canada 02:42:08 MS  
74 Tim Burke Crownsville, Maryland, USA 02:43:55 MS  
75 Sean Lupton-Smith Atlanta, Georgia, USA 02:44:33 MS  
76 Craig McMannis Winters, California, USA 02:47:34 SM  
77 Leif Calvin Santa Rosa, California, USA 02:49:15 MS  
78 Kevin Cullinan Sacramento, California, USA 02:50:54 MS  
79 Larry Bussinger Bellingham, Washington, USA 02:51:26 GM 1st
80 Tim Overland Seattle, Washington, USA 02:53:25 OP  
81 Timothy Dwyer Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA 02:54:43 SM  
82 Tom Kellerman Morro Bay, California, USA 02:54:59 MS  
83 Kirk Atwater Ventura, California, USA 02:57:44 SM  
84 Eric Smith Laguna Beach, California, USA 03:02:09 SM  
85 Jon Anderson El Cajon, California, USA 03:03:43 MS  
86 Eva Mauck Newport Beach, California, USA 03:09:54 W 3rd
87 Michael Gregory Bellingham, Washington, USA 03:23:11 GM 2nd
88 Kathleen Petereit Nanaimo, BC, Canada DNF W  
89 Tom Mohr Capistrano Beach, California, USA DNF SM  


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