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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 11:06 | Written by
"There is no good reason to use feather angle on your paddle," said Oscar Chalupsky (in his usual assertive manner.)  The forum has seen something of a debate raging on this topic in the last couple of weeks; I knew that Oscar had been encouraging beginners to use zero feather,…
Friday, 20 January 2017 10:05 | Written by
“CAUTION – EXTRA GEEKY PADDLE POST,” read the introduction to Roei’s posts on Facebook. Roei is a geek – but he’s also been an Olympic grade paddler, a professional coach and is now sales director for Motionize, the world’s first affordable paddle tracking system. The posts caused plenty of interest…
Sunday, 12 July 2015 09:40 | Written by
There’s just nothing like the feel of taking your feather-weight 24lb (11kg) surfski off your car racks with one hand, carrying it to the water with one hand, and with one hand setting it down gently onto the H2O while all about you other paddlers are lugging kayaks apparently constructed…
Saturday, 02 March 2013 07:26 | Written by
Alex Matthews is a Sea Kayak instructor from British Columbia.  Bob Putnam lent him a Think Eze surfski for the winter (eeek - that's cold!).  Bob said that Alex "had been resistant, almost anti-surfski."  Clearly though, sea kayakers are a tough breed and Alex is now hooked on surfski and…
Thursday, 13 December 2012 08:27 | Written by
Chasing 3m breaking waves in 35kt gusts is the best fun you can have outside of tangled sheets – but gear failure can be a much bigger issue.  You have to be mentally and physically prepared for things to go wrong…
Saturday, 24 November 2012 14:33 | Written by
[Editor: I’m currently battling with a low-level chronic inflamed rotator cuff. This kind of injury is endemic in our sport and whitewater professional Kim Russell wrote this article on rotator cuff rehab.  She kindly allowed us to republish the piece…]
Saturday, 18 August 2012 02:00 | Written by
We first published this story in 2009, but it's no less relevant today.  Ten of the best surfski paddlers in the world give advice and tell their stories about getting out through big surf...
Sunday, 20 May 2012 10:13 | Written by
[Editor: can't get enough of this - core strength is absolutely key to paddling fitness.  Whitewater Professional Kim Russell kindly let us re-publish this article she posted on the Wavesport site.  Not only that, but she's written some great stuff about rotator cuff injury recovery and general sholder strengthening...  and…
Saturday, 12 May 2012 18:30 | Written by
Here’s a debate that pops up quite often: what length is optimum for surfskis?  Ralph Baker, a student at the Newcastle University School of Marine Science and Technology (phew what a mouthful!) recently completed an eight month long project looking at this precise question.
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 18:46 | Written by
[Editor: When Jean Mars Tavignot tried out his new Red7 Surf 70 Pro in downwind conditions, he was not pleased; his 10 year old Fenn Millenium handled the short steep Mediterranean waves better!  Nothing daunted, he took out his toolbox…]
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