Double Mocke Victory at EuroChallenge 2010 ** Full Results **

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Domination – doubled...  Dawid Mocke betrayed no sign of fatigue as he crossed the line well clear of Sean Rice while his wife Nikki celebrated a return to racing by winning the women’s event.

EuroChallenge 2010 Winners

Nikki and Dawid Mocke celebrate their wins at EuroChallenge 2010

Gruelling conditions

The initial overcast conditions cleared quickly leaving a haze over the water that seemed to exacerbate the heat, and the breeze that initially held promise of some help on the water died, leaving the paddlers scratching to try to take advantage of the confused, messy swell.

Almost without exception, the paddlers were exhausted when they reached the finish.  Sean Rice, coming in second behind Dawid Mocke reported, “I hit the wall.  Not just any wall.  A steel reinforced concrete wall!”

First half - into the wind

A feature of this race is the spectacular start – especially when viewed from the sea.  Everyone starts together and some 230 paddlers lined up in front of the lovely old multi-coloured apartments behind the Villa Joyosa beach.

EuroChallenge 2010

The spectacular line-up on the beach at Villa Joyosa

A second start was necessary after some jumped the first gun, but eventually the field was away with the three South Africans in front.  Manuel Busto, paddling a Sea Vanquish kayak wasn’t far behind as the field rounded the first buoy just offshore of the harbour.

EuroChallenge 2010

The lead bunch off the beach (Tom Schilperoort, Dawid Mocke and Sean Rice at the pointy end)

A group of 7 or 8 paddled together for a while, but before long it was Dawid Mocke, Sean Rice and Tom Schilperoort who broke away, Dawid and Sean taking turns to pull.

For a while Australian Hayden Smith held on to fourth position with Busto a little further back.

As expected, there was some interference from the escort boats, but a polite radio call or two sorted most of the obvious problems out.

Mocke breaks away

Half way to Benidorm, Mocke put the hammer down and dropped the other two South Africans.  But... help in the form of the lead double came past and Sean Rice was able to hitch a ride and make some of the ground back, leaving Tom Schilperoort behind.

EuroChallenge 2010

Dawid Mocke breaks away

Ivan Lawler (UK), Busto, and Benoit Leroux (FR) were some way back, but still in contact.

Women’s Race

Meanwhile, back on the course, Nikki Mocke and Michele Eray were level pegging.  Both were taking it easy – but Michele knew her race was over.  She had suffered a bout of ‘flu a few days earlier and although she’d been feeling better, a glance at her heart rate monitor just after the start showed that she had not recovered.  “A heart rate of 170 when you’re not pushing means all is not well,” she said ruefully afterwards.

Nikki Mocke

Yeeeha! Nikki Mocke crosses the line

And when Nikki Mocke started to power away from her, Eray knew that she dare not respond.  “I didn’t want to die of a heart attack,” she said.

Turning Point

By the time the paddlers reached the top of the course, Mocke was ahead by some 200m.  He steadily increased that lead for the rest of the race.

The European paddlers seemed to find a second wind as they turned towards Benidorm Island and Eirik Veraas Larsen (Norway) and Kiko Vega (SP) began clawing their way up towards the front.

EuroChallenge 2010

Hayden Smith (Aus), a double and Kiko Vega (SP) dice towards the finish

Conditions were very “technical” at this point – there was a general small swell heading towards the finish – but chop (and escort boat wakes) were running everywhere.  From the escort boat we felt for the paddlers – the conditions were such that you’d have to be careful not exhaust yourself chasing the runs.

Ivan Lawler (happy to come in 9th – in front of the rest of the Brits and one place better than last year) said, “I was strong going up into wind, but the challenge is when you turn and come with the waves.  Unless you have the skill to do it, you end up using brute force – and it’s exhausting!”

Easy Win

And in the end, it looked an easy win for the current World Champion.  Mocke perceptibly increased his stroke as he approached the line – and he raised a triumphant fist as he crossed it.

Sean Rice’s face lit up with his trademark huge grin as he crossed the line – to yells of delight from girlfriend Emily (who helped us with the live commentary on the escort boat).

Sean Rice

Sean Rice crosses the line

Stand out result though was third place Manuel Busto Fernandes who crossed the line to cheers and chants of “Manuel, Manuel” from the crowd on the harbour breakwater.


Busto charges a run on the way back to the finish

Top Ten – Unofficial Results

(Official Results will follow as soon as they are available)

  1. Dawid Mocke (Fenn Mako Elite) 1:52:04
  2. Sean Rice (Think Uno) 1:53:21
  3. Manuel Busto Fernandes (Nelo Sea Vanquish) 1:55:26
  4. Eirik Veraas Larsen (Nelo Ski) 1:57:36
  5. Kiko Vega (Think Uno) 1:57:46
  6. Hayden Smith (Epic V12) 1:58:38
  7. Benoit Leroux (OKREA) 1:59:00
  8. Tom Schilperoort (Epic V10) 1:59:28
  9. Andre Santos (Nelo Ski) 2:00:42
  10. Ivan Lawler (Epic V12) 2:01:06
  11. Daniel Sanchez Vilora (Fenn Mako Elite) 2:01:56


  1. Nikki Mocke (Fenn Mako Elite) 2:09:52 
  2. Michele Eray (Nelo Ski - medium) 2:14:27
  3. Chloe Bunnett (Fenn Mako Elite) 2:26:10

Full Results

Click here for the full results

Live Commentary

The live commentary was provided by the team, Murray Williams (main scribe), Rob Mousley (pics & commentary from the front of the race), Emily (commentary from the escort boat), Ian Robertson (watching the women’s race).

Here is the transcript – how it happened, when it happened!

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