EuroChallenge 2009 – Forecast and Live Commentary

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The wind is blowing from the NW at around 40km/h right now - conditions are PERFECT.  But... the race is tomorrow! 


Weather Forecast

According to the Weather Underground the wind is going to be 14km/h NNE at 11am tomorrow morning, swinging to 22km/h ENE by 2pm.

It'll be clear skies with a temperature of around 21C at 11am, warming to 24C by 2pm.


It's going to be pretty flat - but there should be a few small bumps on the way back.  I went out for a brief paddle (on a Think Legend) this afternoon - it was beautiful.  The runs are straight and simple - steep wind-generated chop.


The course is a 25km out-and-back - along the coast on the way out, and back around an island offshore on the way back.  The competitors turn around a buoy and paddle back close the shore for the sake of the spectators on the beach and finish inside the marina.


Snippets from the competitors...

Matt Bouman says he's been training hard for 3 weeks and is in much better shape than he was at Plett and PE...  He came second to Dawid Mocke in PE and beat him in Plett.  He said he "really wants to win one of these races..."

Jeremy Cotter is expecting to win.  He said that his training has been perfect.  He went for a paddle by himself this morning and spent the rest of the day chilling with his wife Jessie.

Dawid Mocke isn't saying anything.

My bet?  Mocke and Cotter will go out like rockets into the wind.  Bouman will try to conserve energy on the way out and will hit the afterburner on the way back.  I expect it to be a fascinating race out front. 

The next group will contain Sean Rice and Tom Schilperoort.  Rice loves his new Think Uno; Schilperoort is non-committal at the moment.

In the mix too will be Jaka Jazbec (Italy).  He's fit and will be riding an Epic V12 - but he hasn't been doing much work on the sea.

Spanish kayaking legend Manual Busto said today that he's focussing 100% on surfski paddling from next year - another sign that surfski is being taken very seriously here in Europe.  Busto said that he wasn't expecting a result in this race - he's here "to learn and to have fun".  (With Jaka Jazbec) he's planning on racing in San Francisco and the middle east races at the end of the year (Abu Dhabi and Dubai).


Live Commentary

(Local SIM card and escort boat permitting!) Our live commentary will start at around 10h30 local time tomorrow morning.


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