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3 weeks 2 days ago #34990 by SpaceSputnik
Now that I am committed to carry a navigation device with me at all times (re: Getting Lost topic), I have found the double Think strap not very suitable.
I never used it as a double strap because it seems it's built for bare feet only. I always wear neoprene boots, it'd be a challenge to squeeze in even in my summer ones. Never mind, the huge winter ones worn over a layered drysuit. So I removed the center attachment to make it one large strap, but the problem with that is that its too large and has a very limited adjustment.  With a GPS navigator on it, things get even worse as there's no good way to clip so it stays when kicked during a remount.
So this is what I came up with. It's a pretty simple strap I made out of an Ikea mattress carrying strap. Basically a strong nylon strap with one side being all velcro. It's fully adjustable and my electronics should stay on.

I just finished making it and wanted to post it to get feedback on perhaps anything that I might be missing. One thing is that it's not padded, but I am not expecting discomfort with shoes on.
Another thing is that it's not double-velcroed, such as for instance the way Epic seems to make their stuff. Given the amount of velcro surface I think I am good?
Any other thoughs?

PS Sorry about crappy garage pics. They always look horrible.

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