Epic full carbon vs Braca XI paddle

1 year 5 months ago #37196 by sski
Anyone tried both? Which do you like more?

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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #37199 by BigFish
Two of the best there. Neither of them do anything funny. No flutter or plop feeling.

The epic is surprisingly good. I had thought that a paddle made by a boat company would be more of an afterthought - but it isn't. It pulls slightly closer to the boat, more like a Braca IV. The XI J's out more but feels very natural. All up the XI is a nicer paddle but I would be happy with either.

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1 year 5 months ago #37205 by M.v.E.
I have both of them.  The Epic Small/Midwing and the Brasca XI 705. The Epic was my first Wing. It´s very forgiving. 
Nowadays I mainly use the Brasca. It seems to have more bite at the catch and it´s easier to get the cadence up if I want to.

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1 year 5 months ago #37211 by CrabStick
I bought a paddle entirely based on reviews and it felt great but soon became apparent that I was often getting sore shoulders especially with sprint efforts. Also broke a blade so trialed a few and chose Gara Odin small and super happy with it. Brilliant durable locking device too. Epic small-mid definitely forgiving but just didn't inspire me when accelerating.
Main observation though is that you need to like the feel of any paddle eg strength of catch, ease of exit, construct stiffness, and overall forgiveness so that you remain happy with your big purchase for some years. I wouldn't take a chance on buying without trying again.

CrabStick, Perth Western Australia

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Previous: Think Eze, Stellar SR, Carbonology Boost LV, Fenn BlueFin S

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #37230 by agooding2
I have been using the Braca XI EL in 705 and the 17K medium soft shaft for the last three years and it is very light with a strong catch but easy to adjust to.  While getting ready for the Chattajack last year I noticed my shoulders were getting sore on longer paddles so I got a Braca IV Soft in 670 size and a 1 piece softer 19K shaft.  After that I did not notice any soreness in my shoulders even after 20 mile training paddles and the 31 mile race.  I used the Braca IV all winter and spring and switch to the XI for the shorter races and sprints as the Braca IV Soft does flex more on starts and sprints.

Just last week I got a Braca XI in 675 size 1 piece soft 19K shaft and the Marathon blade construction and after using for one 9.3 mile paddle with a 8 race pace surges I think that will be my usual paddle except for the longest efforts and when doing shorter races as I can still turn the blade over quickly, I don't get sore but I also don't lose power to increased flex.

When I've paddled the Epic paddles the blade feels too big and I don't get as positive a catch on the water.  The Braca XI just feels a lot more precise and also a lot lighter for the same price.

Nelo 550L
Think Fit
Nelo Viper 55

Nelo 550L, Streuer Fejna, Nelo Viper 55

Braca XI 705 EL blade, 17K shaft
Braca XI 675 marathon blade, 19K shaft
Braca IV 670 soft blade, 19K shaft

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