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Kayak Centre to build V10s for SA Market

Wednesday, 05 April 2006 18:24 |


Kayak Centre has entered into a license agreement with Epic Kayaks to build V10 skis for the South African market.


Oscar Chalupsky, Epic’s Vice President Sales, said he was delighted when Kayak Centre approached him with their proposal to build the V10 and V10 Sport skis for the South African market. Kayak Centre have a long history of building kayaks and surf skis. “People forget,” Oscar said, “Kayak Centre used to build skis for me 20 years ago – remember the original ‘Chalupsky’ skis? And they used make product for my father before that.”  


V10 Sport Spotted in Durban - and Hong Kong

Thursday, 30 March 2006 15:13 |

ImageThe new Epic V10 Sport has arrived in South Africa… But wait, it’s just one copy, brought back from the factory by Oscar Chalupsky who has spent the last three weeks in China.


(I’m told that the factory is in full production – with a current capacity of 100 boats per month. The first batches of production skis are destined for the US to fulfil a huge backlog of orders.)


Fenn Mako 6

Thursday, 30 March 2006 11:30 |

ImageYep, it’s official, the new Fenn single ski is named the Fenn Mako 6 (6 for 2006).


I was up in East London a week ago and called in at the Fenn factory to find out how production of the new skis is faring.


New Fenn Single Ski Launched *** Updated ***

Monday, 13 February 2006 16:43 |

*** Updated 16 Feb 2006 ***


The new Fenn single ski was tested on the sea for the first time on the weekend of 11 Feb 2006. Keith Fenn said that he was pleased with the handling of the ski, that it performed well upwind and seemed to catch the small runs nicely. "But," he said, "I'm obviously biased! We're going to get some of the top guys to try it over the next few weeks."


The new ski, whose name has not yet been decided, is aimed at the top end of the market. It has the following characteristics:


  • Single footwell
  • Single plate adjustable rudder pedals.
  • Narrower than the Fenn Mako Millennium in front of the seat (i.e. in the area of the catch).
  • Retains the wider seat (than the older Fenn Mako).
  • Wider at and behind the seat.

V10 Sport - First Photos

Thursday, 09 February 2006 21:07 |

(by Rob Mousley) 

V10 Sport
Epic released the first photos of the V10 Sport today. The photos were taken in the new factory at the "undisclosed location".


Oscar Chalupsky, Epic's VP Sales, said that production of the new skis is on track and units should be available in April.


The V10 Sport is a slightly shorter, more stable version of the V10 that is touted to be only 4% slower. (The V10L a third model, identical to the V10 save for a lower volume nose, is also expected in the near future.)



Cool Kit – Episode 3

Sunday, 15 February 2009 10:14 |

Here's the third in our series on cool paddling kit: a handy juice bag cleaning kit; a new compact set of pencil flares; a dry-bag for those paddlers planning on Molokai and a modification to the Epic leg leash.


Cool Kit #2

Sunday, 14 September 2008 04:10 |

We did an article a couple of months ago on cool paddling gear - here's the second of the series.  We'll continue to put together these reviews of Cool Kit...

Manufacturers! Send us cool stuff, we'll review it and post our findings on the site!

Surfski cradles
Home-built cradles - note the bungee cord

Cool Kit - Paddling Gear Inventory

Sunday, 01 June 2008 11:43 |

I just reorganized my collection of paddling gear - here's a list of what I use...  Some of it's really cool stuff - some of it's just practical.  What do you use?

Rob's paddling gear 2008
Rob's Paddling Gear (Pic: Rob Mousley)

Garmin Forerunner 205 & 305 GPS

Wednesday, 18 January 2006 17:10 |

 Garmin have released a new version of the Forerunner series of wrist mounted GPS units that have become popular with paddlers. Like their predecessors (the 101 and 201) they come in two models: the Forerunner 205 and the Forerunner 305. The 305 combines a heart-rate monitor with the GPS functionality of the 205.

Garmin Forerunner 205 & 305

Flares - and where to find them

Wednesday, 30 November 2005 19:25 |

pencil_flare.jpgThe safety rules for the Cape Point Challenge state that "all competitors shall carry flares or a cell phone in a waterproof pouch..."  SAMSA also mandates that all small craft should carry them.

But where can you buy them and do they really work?

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