Wednesday, 16 April 2014 09:18 | Written by
"One should never have affairs with other boats - it can really mess with one's head, especially in the build up to a big race!" Dawid Mocke's wise words last week, following his successful 2014 New Zealand King Of The Harbour campaign, after trying the latest offerings from FLOW Kayaks in New…
Saturday, 31 August 2013 15:21 | Written by
A little while ago I was asked if I would like to demo a new ski in development, sounded fun, so a few weeks ago I got the call to pick up the first of two skis I would test over the next few weeks: The Switch
Saturday, 31 August 2013 11:39 | Written by
A beginner paddler test pilots the Fenn Bluefin in the 2013 Mauritius Ocean Classic. As a beginner paddler I confess I don’t give a lot of weight to reviews of entry-level skis by guys who usually paddle a greased toothpick.  For starters, I am certain that my definition of "stability"…
Saturday, 22 June 2013 17:06 | Written by
[Editor: Author Erik Borgnes recently took delivery of two of Epic Kayaks latest surfskis: a V14 in the Ultra layup and a "New V10" in the sexy black Elite layup.  I asked him to give us his impressions of the new skis - it's a great read!] Know this: I'm…
Sunday, 17 February 2013 15:30 | Written by
Second time out on my new V10 Double - in some challenging downwind conditions - and we take a swim...  Nothing like being 2km offshore to try out remounting a new ski!
Thursday, 14 June 2012 15:25 | Written by
What do you get if you take a tiny South Pacific Nation, mix this with a (borderline obsessive-compulsive) national fervor for all-things-adventure-sport, add a pinch of tight exchange-rates, stir in a very precise quantity of hi-tech engineering prowess, and ladle in a generous dollop of gutsy, dogged determination to out-perform…
Thursday, 02 June 2011 06:43 | Written by
Let’s start by clarifying that this is an independent product review.  Secondly, I have won numerous national kayak titles in both sprint and marathon, and was selected to represent Australia at the World Cup and other International Events.  I have also competed in surfski events at state and national levels…
Sunday, 30 January 2011 08:23 | Written by
A big ski for big people: supremely stable and massive fun downwind (it makes a superb camera platform!)
Monday, 17 January 2011 07:44 | Written by
I had the good fortune to paddle the latest Fenn creation last weekend – the Mako Elite Slim Line (SL).  I’d heard that the boat was tippier than the Elite and I was curious to see how I’d handle it.
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 20:44 | Written by
One of the benefits of being associated with is that one gets to paddle lots of new skis often before examples appear on the water or in the local paddle shops.  
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