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ImageRed7 have been awfully quiet for the last couple of months. 


An advert in the latest SA Paddling gives a hint about what they've been up to...


Red7 have been busy: gearing up to manufacture no fewer than five new skis.  They've gone the CAD and modelling route, with all the designs being submitted to Intelligent Fluid Solutions in the UK for analysis using advanced fluid dynamics modelling systems.


Intelligent Fluid Solutions


A common criticism of CAD-design is that "computers can't tell you how a ski will behave in waves."  Red7 say that Intelligent Fluid Solutions have advanced modelling systems that can simulate performance in waves.  The hulls were analysed in simulated upwind, downwind and flat conditions.




Anton Erasmus has been raving about the prototype Red7 70, saying that it's much more stable than the previous version.  He's paddled the new Red7 60 too and reckons that it's going to change the market for entry-level skis because of its speed, comfort and stability.


Pete Mote on the new Surf70


So what are the new skis?




Red7 Surf70




  • The original design has been modified so that the resulting hull is significantly more stable, and slightly faster. 


Surf70 Plus




  • Still high performance, but more stable e.g. for the older paddler.






  • Smaller volume, slightly shorter at 6.1m, still high performance but intended for ladies, men under 75kg.






  • Beginners ski
  • Redesigned for speed and additional stability.






  • Double ski
  • Stable but quick
  • Both cockpits fully adjustable.


Common Design Characteristics


All the single skis look similar, have a similar deck, and have fully adjustable, single foot-wells.


All moulds will be wired to perform post-curing to 80 degrees in the mould.  This is to overcome problems experienced with boats going overseas in containers that got to 100 degrees on the decks of the ships.


Vacuum infusion technology has improved quality; new resins improve weight and stiffness making glass boats the same weight & stiffness as a carbon boat.




-         standard will be about 16.5kg

-         hi-tech epoxy will be about 11.5kg


Red7 at the Surf Ski World Cup


Red7 will be well represented with Red7 70 skis being paddled by:


  • Dawid Mocke
  • Matt Boumann
  • Kurt Tutt (Australia) hopes to get some photos of the new skis at the World Cup.  Dawid will be bringing his Red7 70 back to Cape Town after the event and we hope to bring you a review of the ski.


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