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First time on a surf ski

Though I had long been curious about trying a surf ski, only recently did I do so. Thinking it would just be a brief demo with me muddling around, I was delighted when Maggie told me that not only could I sign up for a private intro class on flat water, she would also take me out the next day for a taste of chasing small wind waves.

Maggie worked with me for an hour the first day and 90 minutes the second. I’ve been fortunate in my years of sea kayaking to have had some top instructors, and this was no exception. Maggie’s patient coaching zeroed in on the best way I learn. In addition, the demo boat was exactly the model I was interested in other than being the lighter layup, and it fit my small self without any fussing. (Great venues, too.)

Somewhere in that second lesson, something clicked for me. Days later, I was still thinking, I wanna get that feeling again! Result: I called to stake my claim on a new 520 S and a wing paddle.

I look forward to learning more and highly recommend PaddleCalifornia.

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