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Paddle California (USA)
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highly recommended!

I took approx 4 hours of instruction with Michele on a recent wednesday and it was great. I coordinated ahead of time and spent 2 hours in the morning as a bloody beginner and then about two more hours in the afternoon. The morning we paddled around the estuary and harbor in a nelo 510, which allowed me to start get comfortable. The afternoon I tried a 520 and could have tried a 550 but I knew it would be too unstable for me at this stage. I also tried several different styles of paddles. Michele then took me on a tour in a double which was very helpful. I ended up leaving with a 510 on my car's roof rack and have been able to paddle in calm open ocean since.
Through out the day Michele was very attentive, supportive and full of helpful feedback. Looking back, this was some of the best money spent because it got me started on the right track in terms of technique. I very much appreciated Michele's down to earth info which comes from deep experience as opposed to "this is the way it's supposed to be". If you're in southern california and want to get started I highly recommend contacting her!

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