Kudos to Kokatat

6 months 6 days ago #30636 by MCImes
As many of you cold weather paddlers know, Kokatat is the Cadillac of dry suits. I have had one for a few years and last year it started leaking. It was getting worse this fall so I finally sent it in to Kokatat for an evaluation, as my joints need a break from paddling anyways and leaks below freezing become dangerous pretty quickly. They found delamination of the seam tape and are replacing the whole suit for free!

I know there are cheaper options for cold water protection, but if you have the money or value quality gear and a company that stands behind its products, its hard to beat Kokatat. Their Gore-Tex suits come with a lifetime limited warranty and in my case I couldn't be happier how easy and hassle free the warranty process was.

I have no affiliation to Kokatat, I just like to sing praises of manufacturers who stand behind their products, and especially a premium brand. (that's what you're paying for, right?)

Anyways, Kudos to Kokatat. I have several of their products and will buy more anytime I need something they offer.

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6 months 3 days ago #30643 by Canadasurfskiguy
That's nice to hear. Mine has started seeping in water too, I used to think it was just sweat, but it's definitely beyond that. I've been thinking of sending it down to them to check for/repair leaks. I'll have to get on that.

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