Custom made event/race booking and registration software

6 months 6 days ago #30875 by [email protected]
Hi all,

I'm building a booking system for our races here in the UK. So far we've used sail racing systems or just spreadsheets.
  1. What do other other folks use?
  2. Am I reinventing the wheel?
  3. Would anyone else be interested in using it? (it'll be free)

My plan so far is that we'll use WordPress as a base (because I use it for work everyday and know it fairly well!) so that anyone can copy and use the plugin we make.

  • Register paddlers and collect details of boat(s), emergency contact, experience
  • Event organisers can add details of their event, set number limits, experience limits, costs
  • Event organisers could make an event page if they don't already have a website, or just use the booking element of our system if they do (and if their website is WordPress I can help integrate, or they could use our plugin)
  • Accept bookings and collect payment to organiser's paypal
  • Results system - categories, times, hotspot, etc
  • Use paddler info (with permission) for other events (mailchimp list or similar)
  • Compliant with GDPR

I'd welcome any feedback or requests, and if anyone has a list of surfskis with manufacturer, model, dimensions that would be awesome.

I can host the system through my work and it'll be free for paddlers, organisers, manufacturers & sponsors. Why? Because making surfski events easy to run makes more people likely to organise them, which is good for everyone.

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6 months 5 days ago #30876 by Hiro
Sounds great.

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6 months 4 days ago #30879 by topswimmer
Ive used Webscorer for the past 4 years to run a ski race in the UK. You can use the basic free version for timing & results or the Pro version which takes care of entries etc.

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