epic v8 pro vs v9

6 months 6 days ago #38755 by bradgross2013
looking for a new boat and thinking v8 pro or a v9,  at this point im just doing flat water. i currently own a v8, gen 2 v10 and a v10l. my question is will the v9 be faster on flat water?(they say it is) on paper it should be because its a inch narrower and the same length but it has way more rocker and i think that will slow it down. also which of those boats have the smallest cockpit?

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6 months 6 days ago #38756 by robin.mousley
Replied by robin.mousley on topic epic v8 pro vs v9
I recently had a couple of paddles on a V9 (the only one in South Africa!) and absolutely loved it.  But...  all the paddles were downwind and I didn't get the chance to paddle it on flat water.

The cockpit was definitely a narrower, more comfortable fit than the V10S, can't comment on the V8Pro.

Sorry - this is almost entirely irrelevant given the specifics of your question!  For me though, given the choice of V8Pro, V10S and V9, I'd go for the V9 every time.  If the V10 3g was added to the mix, I'd go V10 3g (which I paddled in Aus, also downwind, 2 years ago). 


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6 months 5 days ago - 6 months 5 days ago #38757 by Atlas
Replied by Atlas on topic epic v8 pro vs v9
I've paddled the V8pro in various conditions and I own a V9. I haven't done any back to back speed testing but I think they would be similar in flat water speed. The V9 is probably a tiny bit faster.
The V8 pro is not great in downwind conditions whereas the V9 is one of the best downwind skis (in the stable intermediate category) that I've ever paddled. If as you say you're just doing flat water; you won't experience anything like the full potential of the V9. The V8 pro is a nice ski if you don't plan on surfing. I think it has a better speed to stability ratio than the V9. 
I found the cockpits to be similar. Neither of them are what I would call snug and they're not as comfortable (for me at least) as the cockpit in the V10L and the Carbonology Sport Boost LV.
Your choice will depend on your motivation for buying another ski particularly since you already have a V10L which is a fast ski optimised for the conditions you paddle in.

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6 months 4 days ago #38768 by Epicpaddler
Replied by Epicpaddler on topic epic v8 pro vs v9
Seems like you already have a pretty solid fleet of boats. I switched out my v8pro for a v10g3. It's a significant difference (for me). The v8pro is rock solid in any conditions and the perfect "first ski". Your v8 should be a great intro boat for teaching new paddlers or paddling in cold/really rough weather. The v10g2 and v10l are both great flat water boats if speed is your thing. I think the v8pro or v9 would be kind of redundant in your fleet. If your really only paddle flat  water either the v8pro or v9 would be fine, but if you ever get into downwind the v9 or v10(g3) would be better just because they have more rocker.

Another consideration if you aren't tied to the Epic brand would be the Vega flex. Seems like a lot of ski for the money and is awesome if you downwind. 

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