Well, I am back...sort of :)

6 months 1 day ago #38779 by SpaceSputnik
So, somewhat unexpectedly I was able to get the Evo I used to own back into my stable. Last couple of years I was primarily sea kayaking, but I suppose I am now will attempt a split personality thing, where I fitness paddle the Evo during the week and sea kayak on the weekend. Hope that will work given the logistical challenges.
Went out yesterday on the Evo. Started off timidly up and down in a calm harbour, some wobbling, but got a bit better after an hour or so. No swims, which is all I can ask after about two years. At the end of the paddle the power improved, but I didn't push too hard for too long. I will be a while before I can take on more challenging water. So here we are :)

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6 months 6 hours ago #38781 by zachhandler
Welcome back! I imagine paddling ski and sea kayak will make you appreciate the positives of both craft more. Best of luck with it. 

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5 months 4 weeks ago #38795 by SpaceSputnik
Thank you.
Interestingly, after two sessions in a calm-ish harbour on the Evo, I somehow felt more solid in a sea kayak (flat bottomed, hard chined/rockered play boat that some find somewhat unstable). I don't think it's a pure balance thing, but rather calmer lower body. It is a promising mix, as in a sea kayak, especially as squirmy as mine, your hips have an additional task of edging which may work better when you have a finer control of how your bum applies weight to the boat. Sea kayaks as well as beginner skis let you get away with rocking side to side,  but on the Evo it gets very uncomfortable very soon if you do that.

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